Best dac for Line magnetic 219ia and Golderear Triton 1 speakers

Hi All,

I love this forum. So much information and and the unfortumate downside is it made me so confused on which DAC to buy... I am looking for a used DAC at a price range between $3000-5000..  I am new to this and just started building my system. Below is my setp

Goldenear Triton 1speakers
Line magnetic 219ia 845 SET amp
Bell Canto C5i - it's an integrated amp with built in DAC and i am using it as a DAC only... so this the dac in my system now...

I am fully satisfied with my speakers and LM 219 amp.. same components Sandy Gross (founder of Golden ear) uses in his system...

With this setup, my system sounds awesome... without going into lot of typical words, I will quote what my wife said about the music from the system ..."pleasent to listen, clean and not conjusted"

Now, I thought adding a better DAC might take this setup to next level and probably my last purchase for next few years..

I am thinking something from below list of great DAC's.. your thoughts are welcome as well.

PS audio DS DAC
Biscarti M1
Bel Canto DAC 3.5 vb ii

If anyone have a similar system as mine, please share your thoughts...

Thank you all.
I have a Schiit Bifrost Uber, but the popular upated version is the multibit. Very musical for the money. I like it every bit as much as my Benchmark that I paid 3x more money to get.
I use a Modwright Elyse with NOS tubes with my Line Magnetic 518IA , produces very enjoyable music. Haven't heard the Line Magnetic DAC but given your experience with the 219 maybe it would suprise you
Thank you both for your feedback... I haven't heard much about  Modwright Elyse, i will check on this.. and regarding Schiit, i am also interested in yggdrasil... raving reviews online.. but i dont know if it can satisfy a speaker setup the same way it satisfied headphone users..