Best DAC for around $2,500 or less

What are your opinions on the best DAC for under $2,500?  Looking at the Schiit Yggy or many of recommend Denafrips so looking at their Pontus.  Any thoughts on how these two compare?  It might be misguided by I tend to think your getting a little more for your money with a direct to consumer company like Schiit and I know they are highly regarded for their DACS.  Anything else to look at in this price range? 
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Although it’s only been my second dac, the Schiit Gungnir multibit I have now has been a game changer in my system. After this experience, I’m inclined to think the only other dac I might be interested in is one of the Denafrips, which I haven’t heard, but a friend of a friend who has heard my system says they are on par with each other. 
Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE. I had a Denafrips Terminator before the AM, but like the Tubadour III SE better. It's more natural and musical sounding and still has plenty of detail and openess.

As someone who bought the DAC3B last week and owned a DAC2 and a DAC1 (and even a DAC3 HGC). I say get the DAC2 if you like the Benchmark sound. I could not really tell the difference between the 2 and the 3.

I got the new DAC3B for $1560 and the DAC2 can be found used for around $1200ish. I did not get the DAC2 since I could not find one last week when I was buying.

I would also say that the benefits of the Benchmark DACs are lost if your other components are not as quiet.