Best Customer Service (Manufacturer)

There are many audio companies that are competing for our hard earned dollars. The impressive guys are the ones that stand behind their products. Nothing is more disappointing than the companies that "take the money and run". One of the notable good guys that take their accountability seriously is Bryston. They stand behind their products with an unheard of 20 Year Warranty. What are some of the experiences with Bryston and the other "Responsible" audio manufacturers?

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Purchased a used BP25 preamp and when received the separate power supply had been monkeyed with. The previous owner,(jerk) had hard wired (and very poorly I might add) in a crappy orange extension cord in hopes of making his own "upgraded" power cord. E-mailed Chris Russell at Bryston who informed that I should send it in for inspection and 9 days later I received a brand new power supply - and not the butchered unit fixed!!! I have always been a large Bryston supporter and this goes to show they go above and beyond the call of duty. I have since sold the BP25 but they will have to pry my 4BST out of my hands after I die...