Best Customer Service

Last night I couldn't get my Basis Debut Diamond Signature to rotate properly because the belt kept slipping. I checked the belt, the platter and the motor spindle and they all seemed fine. I couldn't find the problem

So late that night I sent Basis an email explaining the problem and asked for advise. This morning A.J. replied and within 10 minutes he helped my solve the problem.

But wait, there's more.....last year when I purchased the Basis, the moronic dealer sent it to me fully assembled (yes with the tonearm mounted.) When I opened the box, it was a mess - silicone fluid everywhere, and the arm was still sitting its bearing.

I called A.J. and he asked me to send in the damaged parts. He repaired everything and checked it all over before returning the parts. Everything worked perfectly.

Basis, along with Blue Circle Audio are the best customer service I've ever encountered with any high end audio dealers or manufacturers in my 25 years in this hobby.

Contrast this with Audio Research who screwed me over for a lousy $15 switch: I own an Audio Research Reference Phono and Reference 2 MK II Line Stage. A while back, I broke one of the switches and order two (one for a spare). Well the switch I installed was would turn the unit on, but not off. I called AR and I was told, quite rudely, that they check their switches and they did not send me a defective one; also implying that I broke it. Well I'm done with them.

It's so nice to know that there is still integrety in this hobby and its spellt....B A S I S.

So,my question is: from whom have you received the best customer service?
When I had a problem I got excellent support from:

- Atma-Sphere
- Sorasound
For the last 20 years I have received excellent customer service from Quicksilver Audio.
Add Aesthetix to the list. Oppo has been pretty good too.
Add VPI to the list as well. Excellent service every time.
VPI "used" to have excellent customer service. Emails go unanswered; deadlines and promises ARE constantly missed. No follow-up, the customer always has to follow up only to get another excuse.

Any question asked must go through Mike for an answer. If Mike is not in or has "gone fishing" forget about any support. What will happen to VPI when Mike leaves?? I am a very loyal VPI customer, but this year has left me extremely frustrated. I hear Brinkman Audio knocking on my door now that VPI doesn't answer.
Please add Lyra and Mr. Carr to your list.

Fun Mostly,
For me Bryston has always defined the epitome of Customer Service
I second VPI. Great service.

And add Herron Audio to the list of companies with excellent customer service.
Got excellent support from VTL and CJ.
PS audio.
Aerial, Pass, JRDG, ARC
I had an ARC preamp. Would not give them the nod for customer service. Would not buy ARC gear again. YMMV.
Daedalus Audio

-- Al
Sota, Oracle and VPI

Agree with Bpoletti, ARC not so much. Never again.
Green Mountain Audio amazing service and advice, Roy is my guru!
Audio Plus Services. I needed some info on my Focal profile 918's and the tech guy there made me feel like it was an honor to assist in helping me. Made me proud to own the Focal product.
Zu is absolutely first class. Sean delivered my Def 4s personally and spent a couple of hours setting them up.
PS audio.

I did not find them to be standard setting.

I just got my amp back from PS Audio.From my first email,to getting my amp delivered they were great! Very friendly and helpful service.The repair could not have been done any faster,in my opinion.I was treated as a valuable customer.Thank you PS Audio
Galen Carol Audio, Basis Audio and Sutherland Engineering; all
of these companies & their owners are excellent in all of the dealings I have had with them.
Rogue Audio .... Mark O'Brien and his team are great to deal with.
i've also had great service from Galen Carol Audio, Quicksilver and Magnum Dynalab. Also Wilson Audio for very old refurbished WP 3/2
that i bought from local wilson dealer in last year.
McIntosh, Jeff Rowland and Klipsch, in my experience all get 5 stars.
I've had superlative service from Joule-Electra, Basis Audio, Quicksilver, & QS&D (Quad speaker repair).

Like Testpilot VPI left me frustrated with their support. Atma-sphere's support was awful.
Audience&High Water Sound both world class servive.
I have been dealing with Basis or rather its owner A.J Conti even before The Company was founded. What some people may not know about Mr. Conti is that before he was Basis he sold many brands of stereo equipment through his retail business. And even now all kinds of delicious equipment pass through his companies listening room which are used during the research and development stages of his turntables and arms. This gives him a large knowledge base on the industry as a whole which gives him the ability to discuss a customer's problems with a clear understanding of where they are coming from. This in turn separates facts from fiction and as anyone who's been in this hobby for any time knows is more than half the battle. In short I am saying the man knows his and others products and what they can and cannot do. This has saved me much time and money over the years. Here is to a man and his company that is on the side of the listener and not the bottom line.
Interesting to see the conrast in opinions for the various companies.

I am in the same camp as Bpoletti. I too will not ever buy ARC gear again.

For the last two days I have been calling ARC to get another new part for my preamp. I've left a number of messages over the last two days and I cannot get anyone to return my calls.

$150,000 worth of equipment (mostly ARC) unuseable because of a $10 part that I can't get from ARC....horrible service.

I'll be exploring many of the companies mentioned in this blog for my new amps.
Richsonics makes some good points and I second his observations relative to A.J. Conti/Basis Audio. Over many years A.J. has given me sound advice based on the knowledgebase that Richsonics described. A.J. is honest as they come and responds to questions conservatively without flamboyant exaggerations, even with respect to his own designs. These traits are important to me in part as some past experiences emphasize they’re not common to all manufacturers. I appreciate that over the years Basis Audio via their products, support, and advice has enriched my musical journey which gives me so much pleasure, satisfaction, and enrichment.
I will join in all the accolades for AJ at Basis. Richsonics' description of him, his knowledge and his advice are spot on.
IMO, ARC is not the same since Leonard retired.
The best, the very best companies should be the companies that never require you to contact them with a broken part. Of course, that would happen only in a perfect world. Things break, even on the best of products.

Companies that have had the best customer service when I had a problem with one of their products.


Companies that I have had the pleasure of talking with, never had issues with their proucts just had various questions and they took the time to answer them.

Jeff Rowland
Bob Carver
Kimber Kable
Core Audio Design
the best customer service I've encountered has been from Grant Fidelity. Right from the initial contact with Grant Fidelity, the service has been fast, courteous, and very informative. So much so, I've changed the bulk of my equipment to products they sell, and service. Even in the event of an issue with anything, they are very prompt at dealing with it. An unexpected and very delightful surprise in this day and age!