Best Custom Audio / Video Wall unit

Does anyone have any website info on great looking audio / video wall unit. Looking for something that will accomodate a 60inch RPTV and audio equipment. Preferably done in real Wood with crown molding $2-5k
Try for some ideas. I have not done business with them. I did have a phone conversation with them and they seemed both knowledgeable and professional.
Look in the Yellow Pages under woodworking, cabinets, kitchen cabinets and architectural woodwork. I list under woodwork and cabinets. your area should have shops you can visit. Discuss your project and budget with the owner and ask to see the shop. There are lots of small woodworkers like myself who would welcome the business and allow you to incorporate your ideas about equipment placement and tweaks.$2000 should buy a large hardwood veneer plywood setup with a few frame and panel doors; $5000 would move you to faux finishes and exotic wood trim: padauk, sapele, honduran mahogany, rosewood,etc.A competent shop should be familiar with dadoing cd and vhs tape storage into the casework, be able to provide pictures of past projects and references and be clean and neat (aside from piles of sawdust around the equipment).