Best courier for transport from the US to Europe Denmark

I need a backup plan! I bought a pair of Tekton Design DI. These are large speakers with the measurements of 22 x 15 x 62 inches and they weigh 120 lbs each for the 2 boxes.

I had them send to my ShopUSA address and got a mail that my packages had arrived and I all I had to do was to choose to ship it with ship or by plane. Then my problems started. They could not found out if I have received one or two packages, there should be two and the price has skyrocket.
ShopUSA has a shipping price calculator that I used and the price was $316 and now the want $865. I have to add 25% on top of that price so the difference is huge. 

On monday the will found out if there are one or two packages and if the shipping price are right.
But as you can see I need a backup plan.

The speakers are now at this address:

Martin Herløv Andersen
204 Elmwood Ave
DK29035 -ShopUSA
Sharon Hill

My plan is to get another courier to pick up my speakers and ship them to Denmark.

Help and good advises are much appreciate 
I sent a turntable to Norway last year and it was silly the shipping cost if you want it in less then a week. If you can wait ship via land-sea it will take longer but less money by far.