Best cost no object tube phono

Hi Agoners,

just upgraded everything to SS Accuphase, loving it and have no intention to go back to tube pre/power. However, I have to admit that I miss a bit of tube sweetness particularly on mid. What is the best cost no object tube phono stage?

Thanks in advance for any advices
@inna- the real step forward wouldn’t be the amps on the bass it would be to use horn loaded bass. And for that Avantgarde charges a couple Porsches-- not the cheap ones, either.
That’s why, if and when, I may look elsewhere-- I don’t have room for the Trio in my room anyway. Maybe the Everest. But, then I have to bi-amp and that raises another host of issues in terms of amps. David Karmeli has done it using the older M2 JBL and stacks of ML2s. The Lamm amp isn’t crazy money used. But, I’m not there yet. I do like Avantgarde it’s jut that the prices Euro to dollar as Jim Smith has said, don’t make it easy. I think he quit distributing the line, so he said, b/c he couldn’t do it and lower the price sufficiently to make it attractive. The Duo Mezzo is over 65K. For that kind of money, I’d want more even though I can get an accommodation. We’ll see. I’m not in need yet. Just anticipating that’s the next thing I’ll need to change as the system ages....
@lewm side question, which 12at7 you are using on your mp-1 the stock? Have you tried the 12at7-z by any chance?
Have you heard the Everest ? Must be very powerful engaging sound with the right amps. "Stacks of ML-2's"...How would Lamm compare to that ?
But, this thread is mostly about super phono stages. What about this ? Would it make sense to go even higher in Allnic line or perhaps in some other brand ?
@atmasphere , obviously you are way wrong about. Please do not brought your high frustration here and against me.

I already know that you have not the knowledge and skills levels to design a SS unit that not outperform the 3160 but not even it and certainly your designs can’t compete with or with FM Acoustics or Gryphon or any other top SS design.
Even an audiophile that owns your phonolinepreamp makes modification at the SS input stage that outperformed yours one and he is not a SS designer or manufactuerr of audio items.

As the technology you are sticked with you are just archaic. It’s what you showed and shows because is from where comes your way of lif$. I don’t care what you do and I’m posting because you are wrong when refers in that way of my person.

Stay calm, enjoy what the life give you each day. Let your frustrations in home . Do it a favor and please don't come back for more by me. I really don't like what I post here but you obligate to do it. Have fun, is better or maybe this is the way that you have fun.

Raul, perhaps take your trolling elsewhere. In case you read it, this thread is about tube phono sections, not some solid state unknown as you seem to always push; the one that you have that no-one else can get; that is a cheap junk store technique. Show some class.

You have no engineering expertise by your own admission; for you to declare what knowledge that someone else has whom you've not even met is gross hubris and simply absurd on several levels. You keep talking about your 3160 thingy but its obvious you didn't have anything to do with its design.

Put another way, if you can't get out there and show the rest of us how its done, then sit down and shut up.