Best Copper IC under 200.

Based on what I have read here, copper ICs are probably best for my set-up. My system: Classe 6 pre, Cary CD 303, B&K 442 amp, Theil 22. I do not wish to spend more than $200 per IC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What are your thoughts on DH labs Bl1?
I would suggest the Tara Labs RSC Reference Generation 2 although that may top the $200 a bit, like $215-220 I think. Or if you want to stay strictly under $200, then the AudioQuest Viper at $195 (1M). Both of those are close in performance - neutral, revealing, good tight bass on the low end. I auditioned both recently and went with the Tara Labs. If you go used, then you can maybe even find the next step up for both, the Tara Labs Master Gen 2 I have seen used for $195, or the AudioQuest Python should be in the $200 range used.
I completely agree, having recently used both TARA Master g2 and Viper. Also, AQ Opal is discontinued, but is a brilliant cable (replaced by viper) and should be cheap.
Kadlec, my thoughts are try MIT through Audio Advisor - 30 day money back guarantee. 330+ or even term series, the term 2 ic is around $80, I know MIT speaker cables and Thiel are an excellent match, I've got em. Not sure about Cary/MIT though. I had Tara Ref. Gen II and did not like in my system, CJ pre and Classe amp.