best cool looking exposed tube for 2500

I already have a ss amp but want a tube amp for variety. Will use my ss for rock duties. Use for this tube amp is Diana Krall type music. Speakers are Newform research r645's. Thanks
Try a Music Reference RM-200. I have it's little brother, the RM-10, and love it.
How about that 2 footer in the VTL.?
Ps,so far as I know KT 88s are the brightest.I have Jadis, and wished the binding posts,and connections were on the transformer side /Like Music Ref does.The "more" tubes and the chrome thing look ok in the dark;as so do I;Very dark.
I really liked the looks of my old sonic frontiers sfm-160's. I think they are better looking than the current generation. A little more polished. You can pick those up for 1600-1800. A steal for the sound quality. Very warm and lush.
If you're looking for a classic tube sound suggest you try Quicksilver Mono's and leave the covers off if you want to see the tubes.
If you're looking for something interesting and different and can find it (used), David Berning made a stereo tube amp briefly for awhile that had a "see thru" front on it. I believe the model # may be the EA2101. I have not heard this amp but did try its ancestor, the EA2100. This was an unusual amp in that it the rich and transparent midrange of a tube amp but it had the bottom end impact and control of a solid state amp.
I am a bit biased as I am going to be selling a pair of these amps soon, but the antique sound labs 60 watt mono amps are great. They have excellent midrange. Plus I think they will have the look you want. Check out this link
Bat VK60...several here for around 2500 +/-. I own one. Great amp!
Any amp that uses EL34's outputs can be fitted with the E34L Tesla. These are available in either blue or red glass envelope. I recently bought a set of these in the blue glass, to try in my Wolcotts. They are certainly beautiful, and the Tesla is an excellent sounding tube as well. This would be an easy way to get a unique look for one of the amps you may already like the cosmetics of.
Going to pick up the vk60 tonight. Thanks for the help.Kale