Best Conrad Johnson pre tube?

Did you compare recent premie LS17 pre (tube) with the famous premier 7?
Is the latest ls17 surely better then the best previous premier preamps?
J ARt cost way more than current 17LS but you will gte much less noise (always the knock on CJ) but 17LS is fantsastic sounding and one just got put up here.Older gear be it pre,power or whatever had more bloom,euphonics etc but noise wasn't worth it (I had a MV amp which I loved and hated it at same time.Noise was just too much after a while and went mesa which I also sold/.That I wish I had done tri tube mod and kept but that's anudder story as they say).But 17LS is gret.Think they rreally concentrated on keeping signature sound but reducing noise/THD.Have ben thinking thof getting EV1 for turntable,Heard it recently and is realy amazing for cheap money ($1500).If you can get good price dive in.What are you thinkign of interms of power ands speakers?Their SS designs maybe pricey given what's out there but offere good synergy and if you got your watts again at good price be a nice match.
I was thinking of matching it with Audio Research classic 30.
probably not. I would bet that the older top of the line cj pre's would sound a little better.
Then again I did not think the prem 17 was that good.

IMO, go for a s/h prem16. Now that is a SOTA pre amp and a lot more dynamic and musical than the 17.