Best connection, BNC, Balanced, toslink, ATT

Hi, whats the best cable for using between a Dac and Transport. I'v heard good things about this BNC cable. What do people think is the best, out of BNC, Balanced, RCA, ATT, Toslink, etc.

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Choose a balanced or bnc unbalanced cable depending on which you have. Most companies (example: Levinson) recommend in this order: balanced, bnc, rca, att, toslink. The balanced cable is supposed to provide slightly less noise since its a differentially [balanced] cable. The rca terminated cable is not truly a 75ohm connection and therefore might have some distortion. The glass cables are subject to jitter and additional problems if they are bent or ends scratched. Also, for glass connections, the signal must be converted to optical and then converted back on the other end, so you have additional electronics on both ends. You should not use glass unless its the only connection you have.