Best configuration for 3 rooms?

We recently moved and I need to reconfigure/upgrade my system. I have:
1. study - 5.1 system VonSchweikert V-2/ REL speakers; Integra DTC 9.8 pre/pro; Rotel 1085 amp; Oppo 83
2. living room - replacing Vandersteen 2CEs; Integra DTR 40.1 AVR; Sonos base
3. porch - B&W M-1s, PSB sub (run off zone B of Integra AVR and a Rotel 1050 amp).
I am looking to replace the Vandersteens with 2 speakers in the $2-10,000 range, buy a new pre/amp and DAC (perhaps Oppo 105 or Auralic), and rip all my CDs onto a NAS drive.
Question: I would prefer to have just one new pre/pro, amp, DAC and CD/SACD player that I can play through any or all 3 sets of speakers (versus keeping components in my study and just buying new ones for living room). Can I/should I go that way, and If so, how? I don't need the ability to play different music in different rooms at the same time.