best concert venue

What's the best SOUNDING concert venue you've been in? Anywhere in the world. Large or small; famous or obscure?
The best hall I've ever heard is the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, then the Musikvereinn in Vienna.
In this continent I would say Jordan Hall in Boston for chamber music, and Carnegie Hall is still magical overall.
The Greek Theater in Berkeley, California.
The Mondavi Arts Center at UC Davis (CA) is phenomenal.

And I still get the chills remembering the sound of the diva at the Kirov, in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). That is one humbling theater.
The Opera House in Sydney, Australia is acoustically outstanding. The views are also fine from anywhere.
Kiev Philharmonic Concert Hall, Ukraine.
Only 500 seating. Choir sometimes is being placed on surrounding balcony while the orchestra is on the stage.
The stage is quite small as well. This venue is considered to be an ideal one for unamplified performance.
Another cool one that I realy like is Irridium Jazz Club where the most music you realy hear from the live instrument rather than it's amplified.
My choice is also Carnegie Hall...very "tube-like" sound.

Marakanetz, where is the Iridium Jazz Club? Keep the responses coming as the info is very useful for all of us when we travel.
For great analog sound – Concertgebouw, Amsterdam; the “old” Carnegie Hall; The Large Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Bolshoi Sal); Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA. (no joke!)

For digital sound – Anything built after 1950
second the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley...
Speaking of the Iridium Jazz Club (in NYC), Billy Cobham is coming there in September. If you've not seen him, you MUST!
Troy Music Hall - Troy, NY
Academy of Music - Philadelphia, PA (I still like it better than the Kimmel Center)
McCarter Theater - Princeton, NJ (Great folk music venue)
Symphony Hall - Boston, MA (My single all-time favorite)
Carnegie and then Concertgebouw (in that order) would be my two favorites.
Both provide magical sonics and such a great aura of history.
Sheldon Hall in St. Louis, MO. About 400 capacity and used also as a recording studio as the acoustics are that good.
for outdoors, the amphitheater in Jacksonville, oregon. for indoors, the arlene schnitzer hall on portland, oregon.
For Rock Music: Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews & Blues Traveler at The Gorge at George in Washington...incredible outdoor venue with sweeping sloped lawns and gorgeous western views over the Columbia River Gorge, The Dead at Shoreline Ampitheater in sound for them out of 6 different venues (mutiple times each venue)

For Classical/Opera: The Santa Fe Open Air Opera House in New Mexico...I was blown away...maybe having 11th row center spoiled me, but in my mind it was better than any classical I have heard at the new Disney Hall in LA although the seats there aren't nearly as good...still a nice sound at Disney Hall and it is obvious that a TON of attention to accoustical detail went into the construction. I can't wait to hear the organ there it is the wildest looking thing I have ever seen.

I hear Red Rocks in Colorado is pretty cool...havent been there yet though.


p.s. cool thread
I have been UBC, Chan Center at Vancouver. Good sound.
Red Rocks is a must do if you get the chance. Acoustics are not superb, they are good however. But, the atmosphere, the rocks, the sunset combined with a good band are just the best! I've seen the Grateful Dead (prior to their last shows there), Phish's last run there in August 1996, and the Dave Matthews Band once in 95.

all-in-all a way cool place for music.
I second RED ROCKS !!! I live just blocks from it and find it an awesome place to hike and bike as well. The place can be downright magical for music with the right sound system and techs.
I've read most of these posts and with all due're all wrong...!!

But seriously...Yoshi's in Jack London Square, Oakland CA (Must love Jazz!!)

For the Following reasons

Best overall choice of performers.
Not a bad seat in the house.
Great sound
Excellent food (it's also a restaurant)
Intimate size and setting.
And for a guy who's been to too many "stadium" lines, easy logistics and parking! Arrive at 5:30 for dinner, check in at club, reserve your seat, eat, see show.

I didn't consider outdoor venues as they usually don't sound that great but I don't have a lot of experience here. Long ago I stumbled (literally) into Ahmad Jamal and a trio playing in a church courtyard in Perugia, Italy. The music and outdoor acoustic was memorable but I think the copious quantities of Montepulciano beforehand helped.
Although I have to second the vote for Yoshi's, it is missing one thing.

A few years back I was in London at a Jazz club (Can't remember name) and they had the perfect addition to any venue. Stenciled on the walls were the letters STFU. During the show (Hue & Cry from Scottland) a couple near me started talking and someone else in the audience pointed to the letters STFU and told them to Shut the F up.

My vote is for any venue that has and enforces this.
Yoshi's is also missing atmosphere IMHO. I've been there twice and it's just too clinical, too "corporate" - no smells, no rough edges and certainly no smoke. How can you have a jazz club without smoke - even dry ice fake smoke would be better - liven the place up a bit! My 2c.
I will 2nd the Sheldon, but the old Opera House is where it use to "happen".
Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA-- no question.
For me the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam ,followed by Severence Hall in Cleveland,Ohio ;then the Mercatohalle in Duisburg,Germany .

The old Yoshi's had more soul and intimacy.
A little hall on the campus of Whittier College, in Whittier CA. Saw several slack-key guitarists and their ensembles there several years ago, and was amazed at the clarity, warmth and unhyped tonality of this hall. Voices, guitars and percussion were equally well served. Fabulous!
1. Concertgebouw
2. Musikverein in Vienna
3. Newly renovated Severance Hall

I used to like Yoshi's, but it's a little too refined for me now. I liked the grunge of the old one!
I will 3rd the Sheldon in St. Louis. Seating is actually closer to 700, but it is just a phenomenal place to see a show. I just saw David Byrne there in September, which was just the most recent of a long line of great performers who they get to play there (that I saw - I'm sure they've had more great ones since Sept. that I didn't get to.).

I'm on the board of directors at The Sheldon - the staff there is really incredible too. They know what a treasure they have, and really put their hearts and souls into it.
The best concert venue is where Dave Matthews is playing. The gorge was good as well as one I went to in LA(outdoors). I've often found amphitheaters to be better than indoors in select cases because of reverberations and annoying levels of bass. Don't get me wrong I love bass but it's generally too overpowering in most indoor venues.