Best computer speakers for a bass-head?

Yesterday, my cousins came over for dinner. One of them really enjoys rap music and EDM.

He was impressed by this thing:

This is a BT speaker I have just laying around. It was not something I would listen to...but I have to say, the overall sound quality wasn't terrible. Vocals were clear enough, bass was mostly dominant in the lowest octaves, and treble was somewhat recessed. 

He wants me to help him find computer speakers with insane levels of bass. Like a club speaker. Ideally, he doesn't want to use a subwoofer. He would be using these with his gaming PC (so games and music). .mp3 files and playing music on YouTube +  Bluetooth is also a must as he wants to use a tablet and his smartphone with them as well.

He doesn't want to use an amplifier. These speakers would have to be plugged into an powered monitors.

His room is very small; as is his desk. it's like a square box at 9 feet by 9 feet.

The trick here is to find a set if speakers that won't take up much space...but the bass must be suitable for rap music.  Cool factor based on how they look is also a plus  He's a kid so we're not looking for reference speakers. Hopefully I can find something for him....

thanks in advance!
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ones coupled with suitable and properly installed subwoofer(s)
The trick here is to find a set if speakers that won't take up much space...but the bass must be suitable for rap music.  

You're just not going to find this.  If you want big bass, you need big speakers (large driver for moving air and and large box/bent for low octave bass.

The best I can recommend for speakers without subwoofer are the Yamaha HS8 studio monitors.  If he's willing to spend more, the Adam A8x might be a good choice.  Both have large vented woofers for lower bass (but they still will not equal a subwoofer).  They are larger speakers.  You are just not going to get a small speaker that has "club levels of bass".
Forgot to say as the others pointed out he would want more than one.
I've guided him to the M-Audio BX4 4.5

He doesn't care about Bluetooth anymore.

There are knobs on the back of the active speaker for High - Low frequency control (-6 db to + 6db). Based on previous listening tests I've had with M-Audio speakers, I find them to be fairly linear sounding and sometimes warm (in a good way.) Overall, a brand that can offer a solid value to folks who don't want to spend too much.
Ok, to blend a cheap solution and an expensive one together. He's a kid so , get a Klipsch pro media pretty damn good for $120 comes with a 3.5 jack you can pipe in a feed via a dragonfly DAC $50 -$100-$300 they have three to choose from there all ok , I have the $300 cobalt its OK specialy for what your doing. Set that up first then call SVS and get the biggest sub you can afford with the money you have left out of the outlet bargain section, they have warranty and a trade up program. you will need an apple pigtail im assuming he has an apple devise $30 and a 3.5 to 3.5 couple bucks , and the pro media comes with a power sub to and its ok but the svs will get you there pb2000 im thinking should do it. 
i have the pro media with the cobalt in my Mac Pro going into my mac pro and stream my Tidal right in I wanted a cheap solution with big can also look into the SVS computer speakers $600 its a step up then you dont get any sub and need a dedicated one anyway. im happy with my cpu setup I have a main system if I want to get blown away 
we'll see what he ends up buying...thanks!
@yoby  thanks! 

Still waiting to hear back. Going to help him get the speakers set up when they arrive. (if he decides to buy them). 

He got them..the M-Audio speakers I recommend. Case closed for this one, but suggestions for bass-heavy speakers are always welcome.

Thanks to all for taking your time to post.