Best components with Dynaudio 52 SE

I'm getting back into home audio. Looking for the best related components to go with a pair of Dynaudio 52SE I picked up. I currently have a rotel 980 amp. Needing opinions for cables, preamps, and possibly upgrading Denon CD player, on a reasonable budget? Got Dyns for $800 good price?
You have a wonderful pair of speakers, and unless they are really beat up you got a great bargain. I have demo'd many other speakers in my home, including a pair of JB Lab Micro Utopia's and have continued to be very impressed the the 52SE. I actually have been in the process of upgrading all of my components as the little Dyns seem to have no end to their musical ability. On a trip to the west coast I had the opportunity to audition the Dynaudio 52se head to head with the Contour 1.4, all with the same electronics. They were almost dead even with the exception being that the 52SE seemed to image better and the ability to hear individual instruments was better. Of the three of us listening; me, a friend, and the sales person, the 52se won three to zero in which speaker we enjoyed the most. My friend had no idea of the cost difference!

Well, as for electronics. I was initially running mine with a Rotel RX-1052 stereo reciever. I was very happy with it but recently upgraded to a Creek Classic 5350SE which I think is a gem. Don't hesitate to get good electronics but if you are on a budget don't worry. The 52se's are worth amplification upgrade in the future. I also wouldn't worry about the Dyns needed a lot of power. With the first order crossover I find them easy to drive. I my even upgrade at some point to a VTL integrated amp with about 60watts in 4ohms. I have heard the combination and it is breathtaking.

As for source. I have been very happy with the Rotel 1072, very black background, good balance. I think that there is a used one on Audiogon and I know there will be another for sale soon. I have recently upgraded to an Arcam FMJ33 which is wonderous. This gives you a bit of my view of the little Dynaudio 52SE, I do not think that a $2500 CD player is overkill for these little speakers yet one will be very very happy more affordable electronics.

As for cables, I found the Nordost gives the best balance of warmth, soundstage, clear highs and bass. I use the SuperFlatline MK II as well as Solar wind interconnects but may be going to the Blue heaven for the CD player.

Oh, get good stands, 24". These speakers will have a much tighter, deeper base with good stands.

Congradulations on your Dyns. I hope that this is helpful.
Any one heard Cardas cables with Dynaudio speakers or possible Van Den Hul?

With what electronics did you hear the 52SE and the 1.4 exactly? I home-demoed them both (on a MF 308 integrated) and the 1.4 outshone the 52SE in all areas.
The 1.4's give a bigger sound though, and need more room to breathe. But they appeared the most musical of the two and are worth the price difference IMO.

I currently have a Rotel 980 amp with denon CD player. Looking to upgrade CD player and need some good cable combinations. Any ideas? Are high cost preamps worth it?
I use VdH The Wind MKII with my Contours 1.3SE and would not look for replacement. This VdH's character is natural, organic, spacious, smooth, with great seperation and clarity and most of all musical to the signal. I sold off a second pair of SE's this week and the buyer who demoed the speakers with his own amp, told that he intends to also get this cable.
Note that with an amplifier to weak for the 52SE (don't know about the Rotel) the bass might sound unwanted fullsome. With the right amp, the bass will be tight and defined.

Alternative might be Ocos, Dyn's own house cable, but never heard this myself.

Dynaudio's will sound with what you feed them, and better equipment will be rewarded.
I btw owned the 52se myself but didn't like them enough to keep them.
Erikfh, I listened to them side by side both were power by Classe integrated amp and CD player. Now there could have been some bias, I have a pair of 52SE, the salesman may have felt agreeable and my friend, who is not an audio buff, did not like the looks of the 1.4. And as always when comparing speakers the subtle differences in efficiency must be taken into account. I would not disagree that for many the 1.4 is a better sounding speaker. That being said I think that some people run the 52SE with amplification and sourcethat doesn't bring the speaker to full life. Perhaps if I was to get a pair of 1.4 is the house for a longer listen I would be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks for your additional comments, Davt.

Indeed Dyn's need to be partnered with serious kit (e.g. high-current quality) amp to avoid them to sound (either) forward, harsh, compressed and with a bloathed bass.

When fed well, they can be perfect all-rounders for the money.
When fed well, they can be perfect all-rounders for the money.

Very true!
Plinius go with Dyn very well, so maybe one of their integrateds would be a good choice? Also I second the suggestion that Nordost is good for them too, I use Blue heaven with my Plinius SA-102 and Dyn Confidence C4s and its fantastic.