Best component ever for the ...

I nominate the Absolute Power Cord from as the best audio component ever for the money.

I have had this $40 power cord in my system for 48 hrs+ and am astounded by its performance and value.

I would appreciate if posters to this thread post only positive nominations or constructive commentary, positive or negative, regarding the nominations.

As noted on another thread regarding the Absolute Power Cord, I am not a shill for this company but an extremely satisfied customer. Also noted in the other thread, I would like to see the importer of this product prosper. If you would like to argue over any of the points mentioned in this paragraph please do so on the other post.

These power cords truly are amazing.

God bless.
Wellfed, the best audio component for the money must certainly be the human ear. I came with two and they were free! Very little break-in required. I think Darwin helped me get them. Good deal. Highly recommended no matter what your other components are.
The title of this post was intended to be "Best component ever for the $$$... The Audiogon system must have cut the end off.

I am hoping the "spirit" of this thread will be to compile a list of superb audio values.

God bless.
Is this audiogon, or absolutegon? Geezopeezo, haven't we heard enough about these damn powercords? Give it a rest for a while. Why's everyone puttin on kneepads for these guys? It's thread after thread after thread. Noone can tell what's what and who's who with these things. I admire the basic point of the thread, but enough on the cords already. I'm thinkin' of buyin one just to hang myself with.
and i'll keep saying so with each one of these types of posts
Let me buy you one Chris.
Cheezetub please let me buy it for you.
Perhaps the timing of this thread is less than optimal, given the controversy these things seem to have stirred up, but I stand by my nomination of this product and the spirit in which it was given.

I am assuming many here at Audiogon over the years have had a similar experience to my own, in this case listening to an inexpensive product that does wonders in their system.

I am not aware of any other thread about the Absolute Power Cord other than the one previously mentioned. I truly apologize for any breach in etiquette I may have transgressed out of ignorance.

I am still hoping this thread will provide the information I was looking for, but if not, I will post it again at a later date and leave my nomination out.

God bless.
I made squares out of a self hardening clay. I made two sizes (that I stack) the larger are 1.5 X 1.5 X .5 inches and the smaller ones are .75 X .75 X .5 inches. between the squares I insert a piece of "foamtastic" for dampening purposes. The total cost: 66 cents for a 8 inch X 11 inch sheet of foamtastic and 8 bucks for 10 pounds of clay. So I gues the total is around a buck for everything. (10 pounds of clay will make at least 50 squares) I have compared these homemade items with other isolation devices nad find I prefer the sound of my homemade setup. I'm not sure this is what you wanted but I'm happy.
Vibrapods. $6 each. Enough said.
Emily, interesting. Where, in particular, do you use the DIY isloation squares? My contribution: take empty cigarillo (or flat cigarette) boxes, bore a hole, and thread cables through them. An effortless way of keeping power cords away from signal cables, etc.
Wellfed, is your power cord actually blessed by God? Wow, that is a bargain at any price! I guess one has to take time out from healing the sick and punishing sinners to push a little commerce. Can god make snake oil so slick that even he can't see through it?
Viridian, I think most here, especially the Audiogon staff would agree that it is best not to address your off topic request on this forum. If you care to discuss your concerns privately I would be happy to do so.

Emily, Estrnad, and Gregm, your posts are exactly the type of discussion I had hoped to elicit with this post and I thank you for them.

God bless.
Raising power supplies off my wooden floors. Paced them on styrafoam with foot rub cubes{I kid you not} between power supplies and foam. Then I put the famous virapods under the monster and panamax with the foot rubs between the two....Then I floated my system on granite tiles, virapods holding spoons, each containing one marble....this last tweak is not my own but it works...a poormans dayruma, or whatever....the thing here its' cheap, fun, effective...If you try this remember the spoons should be glued to the vibrapods. I haven't done this yet and I'm wondering what glue would work best....Suggestions? See what happens when I don't take me medication? Cheers, Bluenose
Bluenose: Try caramel ice-cream as an adhesive. It is sticky as hell, dries hard but pliant and can always be washed away with lots of hot water. My wife loves the stuff and I have bent spoons trying to remove them from bowls that have been setting for less than 24 hours.
Wellfed, I note that you are now speaking on behalf of the Audiogon staff. So you are a mind reader as well. Interestingly, the staff has not contacted me unless you yourself are a member. Please clarify what qualifications you have to speak on their behalf.
Viridian, this will be my last response to you on the Audiogon forum regarding any subject other than directly related audio discussion.

The controversial dialog you seek to draw from me would dwarf the controversy regarding a fabulous sounding $40 power cord. I suspect you know this.

I am not here to create or fuel any controversy. I will not respond to your request other than to reiterate that you are welcome to contact me privately regarding your concerns.

I come to the Audiogon website to learn about products and techniques that will improve my enjoyment of my home audio system. Occasionally I am able to reciprocate and provide some information to someone else. I also enjoy commentary here regarding subjective, but still audio related, topics like "Best Music" etc. For the most part I have been blessed by the Audigon community. I hope it stays that way.

Good day.
Hi Wellfed, I understand your enthusiasim. I feel the same way about my Neuance Beta board. For around $170 I got an improvement in sound that amazed me. I want to spread the word because it is so cheap yet so effective. It seems that there will always be someone who will think that your reasons for posting a positive on a certain product are selfserving. I have had components costing thousands of dollars that could not give me the improvements that this neuance board has given me.
Thanks Brulee for the kind post and the product nomination. I have heard good things about the Neuance over at Vinyl Asylum.