Best Compact System?

Help me out here. A friend in Brasil is doing first change of system in 30 years. Needs something smaller, possibly-all-in-one branded system (please, no Bose!), subs & satellites OK. Desk-top stereo? 2-channel only. He really needs phono input or outboard phono-preamp for playing record collection, and CD playback, FM tuner. Basic, musical-sounding compact system. Price not an obstacle. Any ideas?
NAD L-40 all-in-one tuner, receiver and CD player and has a remote. He's going to need a seperate phono amp. Maybe the Creek? NAD recommends PSB Alpha Minis. I heard this set up with PSB Sub 5 - nice little system. The only knock I've heard is the CDP isn't very intuitive.
You might have him check out the newer Linn Classik (it lists for about $2K, but if he looks around he can probably find one for around $1500 or maybe less). It's an amp (75W), preamp (w phono), cd player, and tuner...all in one small chassis. I have the prior model Classic (wo the tuner), and it has amazingly good sound quality. Coupled with a pair of quality speakers, you have an excellent 'close-to-highend' system. Hope this helps.
since cost is not an obstacle, i'd suggest a look at the burmester rondo system. though it's not as "compact" as some lower-end systems, it is robust, single-branded and a joy to perceive, visually and sonically. -kelly
Tell your friend to get the Linn Classik w/integral tuner (used they can be had for ~$1250) and a pair of Linn Tukans (used ~ $500) and he/she will be happy. I've got this set up in my office, and I gave another to my brother for his birthday. We are both extremely satisfied. Though, I have to admit, Cornfedboy does have a point. Compact is a subjective term :)
Hey, thank you all so much! Always nice to turn another person on to great sound... -Ed
I'd definitely consider 47 Labs. Small and "state of the art" will need tuner and speakers though.