Best combo for sound and picture quality in a Blu-ray player?

Not a pure audio question, but it is time to replace my quite old dvd player.  Are there units that do a very good job on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD and SACD?  It would also be helpful it it would mow the yard too. 




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members gave some suggestions , and did you look into any of those or were they out of budget ? unavailable ?


Good luck , they dont make these disc spinning machines anymore really. I would look at Marantz they may have a universal player. Oppo was the best with thier BDP105 but they quit making them. Now everything is streaming. YUK.



Matt M

The Panasonic DPUB9000P1K is a well made player that has great sound and video, it does a great job in my theater system.  

I have this Sony UBP-X800, it, like me, does all except yard work.


It’s a great unit. better than I realized. I tried two Oppo’s against it, 105 and 205. Neither the audio or video of the Oppo’s were better even though so many people say how superior the Oppo’s are.

my factory remote is RMT-VB310U, the different one shown may be a later model, I do not know.


It has ethernet port and links built-in like a Smart TV as well


there must be later units, I found mine still available new from Best Buy







and they have some open box ones

+1 for the PANASONIC



go with the top SONY BLURay… it’s a lot less money with twin HDMI outputs (audio and video) . It’s video is superb and is no pretender.

(1) VIDEO: HDMI video cable out from SONY spinner out into the TV flat panel 4K HDMI input .

(2) AUDIO: use a High-end glass fibre optical (TOSLINK) cable out from TV panel into your AVR or stand-alone DAC for a superior audio performance.

NOTE: : don’t chintz it here with a cheap crap build plastic Toslink cable …they really really suck compared to the optical glass fibre models…(.hint: think WIREWORLD, DH LABS, LIFETEC …)



Stay with the X800. Outperforming Oppo for less is a virtue. And still in production - only up 55% in four years. Plus tax.