Best color s to paint dedicated listening room

I am going to paint my 12' X 21' listening room. Would welcome specific colors or color combinations to use.
Only objects in the room are two dark brown leather Corbusier chairs and natural hard rock maple equipment stand.

Thanks for the help.
I have experimented with different colors in listening rooms. It is my observation that certain colors change the reflections of the high and low frequencies differently. I have settled on a golden but dark brown which imparts a certain flavor to the sound which I can only describe as articulate but pleasing. The brighter colors have too much high frequency harshness and black is too dark in the bass. You made need to custom mix the colors for just the right effect. Good luck!
Best? How's that with color? Don't you think it is a personal thing? Paint can be changed like ICs. Get a home decorator to help you with color. From experience (my wife and I moved 6 months ago)whichever color you chose, splash it on the wall ( if you're not doing it yourself) to check it out after it is dry. Big difference from a paint chip.
fwiw, warren :)
Hmmmmm............ Sell audiophile paint containing special sound refraction crystals for $1200/ gallon.
Isn't this going too far? haha
Jmslaw, maybe that's going to be the next new thing from Machinica Dynamica.
Went with battleship gray for my room

Initially, I chose it to get my wife off my back--she wanted to know my color choice (so she could do the painting and get it done). First sarcastic thing in my mind was the gray.

After it was done, I'm very happy with it (everything goes with gray...)
Color effects mood and temperament. There are many studies to this effect. Search them out and pick colors to suite your music listening mood.
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How dedicated is this room to listening? If there is any chance that the room may double as a video room, then color can be significant and color recomendations may become quite specific.
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Paint it "Auric Illuminator Green"....just the edges of the room though. You will get sonic improvements to write home about. Make sure to put a carpet down too; all those dropping jaws can really mark up a hardwood floor finish.

I went with an earth tone: Ralph Lauren's "Desert Khaftan"
Very brown. It compliments the red claret acoustic panels on the walls and the red Tabriz rug on the floor. Very soothing combinations for music listening.
Any color you pick should have a green hue as it is easiest on the eyes. All colors can be classified as either
red/green, blue/yellow and light or dark. So if you pick a beige make sure it is green/yellow in tone as it will be the most soothing on your eyes. Red tones are very shocking on the eyes and that is why stop signs are painted red. It will be easy for you to see if you have all the color chips together. I have been formulating automotive colors for 25yrs and color does have a big impact on how your going to enjoy your room. Good luck!
The timing of this thread is hilarious, because by coincidence my ex-girlfriend is in the process of painting my listening room while I'm away at work this week.

We've been talking about what I want to do to this room for some time. She has a good feel for what I like, so I let her pick the colors. Today, she just finished painting the south and north walls a light beige/gray. She's coming back tomorrow to do the east and west walls in a dark grey/olive.

She's helping pick out blinds, bedding, furniture and lighting as well. Hopefully by this weekend I'll have a brand new room all loaded up and ready for action.
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Isn't the best color always what your wife wants? I get no color choices in my home, luckily though she is an awesome decorator and I'm not. Good luck!
Including sheet plastic? ;)

Ohhh, for some reason I just had a vision of Phillip Seymore Hoffman's character in "Happiness" plastering that picture up on his wall.

Sheet plastic? Is that for Phillip Seymore Hoffman when he accidentally SHARTs ala Along Came Polly?
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I see a red room,
But I want to paint it black...
the color really doesn't matter for your listening pleasure....but it is important that you have the paint cryogenically treating before application.....good luck!
I agree with Hamr on the green. We seem to do more painting/changing than most and the color I recall most favorably was a rich green. The room was deep red, then green and lastly an earth tone. The green was the most soothing. We're moving in April but before we move in I'm painting my listening room green.
You paint it what ever color you like, because it's your world? Unless your wife plans on listening along with you, than compromise.
If anyone ever doubted that audiophiles are seriously neurotic, this thread is ultimate proof.

The answers are incredibly insightful as to each individual.