Best Cold Weather & Bloody Knuckles Integrated Amp

Need a new garage integrated amp. Something that can survive -15f to 105 f weather swings, similar large swings in humidity and that does not have large cooling vent holes that attract the occasional mud dobber. Maybe 50 - 100 wpc & fairly cheap. Any suggestions appreciated. The old Marantz equipment used to be just the ticket, good sounding and just plain tough, don't know what a good choice is now though. Tried a NAD and it gave me about 18 months.
Try something digital, say an Onkyo WRAT receiver or integrated. May be more resistant to temp swings and humidity than tubes or traditional solid state. Sound decent too for the money. One of their recent 6XX HT amps could be purchased used for 200-300 bucks.

Or - look on ebay for any of the old Japanese solid state integrateds (Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, etc.) from the 70s - probably purchase one of those in working order for under $100.
Look for anything seriously cheap. Think of it as a disposable item. Consumer electronics are not really designed to withstand the conditions you propose.
Have you considered seperates. Sonic Frontiers used to come with gloves.
Knownothing is on to someting. I purchased a late-60s Pioneer receiver that been in someone's garage for the last 20 years in my area noted for the temp extremes you mentioned and it work perfectly. Bought it for $3.00.
So, check garage sales and repeat if it dies.