best classical redbook cds for strings and piano

Hi. I know this is a bit open ended and dependent on taste: I have a pair of Guarneri's and am interested in exploring their vaunted mid-range. If anyone can share a few redbook CDs with very high production quality of string quartets, solo violin, cello, or piano, I would appreciate it. Thanks, RK
Look at the Reference Recordings stuff. They have both cd's and vinyl on some titles so you could compare. Anyway, the production quality cannot be beat.
Try the label called "Audiofon Records". I beleive they make some excellent Piano recordings with many known and unknown names. There redbook Cds can be found on Ebay and Amazon for a fare price or directly from their site.
Try this one ... Le Violon Vagabond on Harmonia Mundi records.


I'll try to make suggestions so the performance and sound quality is balanced, not always ideal, but at least acceptable. Here it is:

Hilary Hahn - "Hilary Hahn plays Bach"

Midori - "French Violin Sonatas"

Mstislav Rostropovich, Benjamin Britten - "Schubert, Schumann, Debussy cello sonatas"

Schubert Trout Quintet performed by Emil Gilels and Amadeus Qyartet

Mozart Clarinet Quintet performed by Sabine Meyer or Richard Stolzman w/Tokyo String Quartet

Brahms String Quartets - performed by Emerson String Quartet

Tango Ballet - composer is Astor Piazzolla, performed by Gidon Kremer

Shostakovich String Quartets - performed by Fitzwilliam String Quartet
Try 'Horowitz at home' from Sony. Just an old man and his grand piano at his own place playing his favorite. Not only sonically almost perfect, but also musically very, very satisfying.
Generally, I find ECM, MD&G, and Hyperion combine top notch recording with top notch ensembles in the chamber music area. Some specifics.

Schiff's recently completed cycle of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas. Watch out for vol 1 on the sonics but the rest are superb. Many will not like his Moonlight sonata though. (You may prefer the recently completed Ohlsson Cycle on Bridge. Volume 3 of the cycle is excellent, but that's the only one I've heard.)
Schiff and Perenyi on the Beethoven Cello sonatas is wonderful.
Levin and Kashkashian on the Brahms Viola Sonatas.

MGD- All of the Leipzig Quartet recordings of the Brahms Quartets are very good. Great performances coupled with a glorious warm sound. The op 18 Sextet coupled with the op 67 quartet would be a great disc to sample what the Leipzig offers.

The Floristan Trio may be the best chamber music ensemble I have ever heard. Try the Beethoven and Schubert piano trios first.
I also recommend the Leopold Trio/Hamelin Brahms piano quartets.
The Tackacs Quartet is now recording on Hyperion. Try The Schubert Death and the Maiden. Try also their Beethoven Late quartets on Decca.

Other suggestions. On the Shostakovich quartets, I strongly recommend the Quartuor Daniel on Fuga Libra over the Fitzwilliam set on Decca, which is good on the performance but woefully sup par on sonics. Also try the St. Lawrence Quartet Shostakovich 3,7,& 8. In my opinion, this exemplifies how Shostakovich should be performed.

I second the Bach Partitas by Hilary Hahn on Sony. Partita #3 Gets 3-4 plays a week in my house. It's that good!
One more I need to add. Try the Klemke Quartet on the Mozart "Haydn" quartets. Very well done perfomances and well recorded in a rather hot venue. This might be a little to bright on some systems but you should be fine on these recordings.
These are some great suggestions and thank you all very much!