BEST classical guitar.....CD!

the GUITARIST john must hear this...maan, give... some more of GOOOOD gitar suggestions..i amm i drink red "FOXhorn"'s Okkay....also FISK "Vivaldi concierto"...close second.....
First Impression Music XRCD 023 "Flamenco Passion" is very good, astounding in the "immediacy" of the plucked string (but the guitar image is a little "swimmy", has to do with miking techinique, perhaps the mike spacing is a little too far)............Julian Bream's work on RCA in the 1960's is quite good..........To get slightly off track (from digital): Dragon, if you want a KILLER guitar recording on vinyl, the Analog Productions reissue of Bola Sete's "Tour de Force" is phenomenal. Every time I listen to it, I think how great it would be to use it as a demo of the capabilities of vinyl, for an accompanied guitar recording.....There are others on vinyl too, of course.................My favorite rock recording (with acoustic guitar) is Yes's "An Evening of Yes Music Plus" (Herald 006). This is a double gold CD, and is by far the best live recording, and best live recorded performance by Yes, in my opinion.
It isn't "classical" but is accoustic and an EXCELLENT recording - "Thunderation" by Dan Crary.
Try Pepe Romero's version of Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranjuez". I'm not sure if the spelling is correct. This is an amazing piece. Full orchestra, but the guitar is front and center with many solos. The emotion and depth of this concerto is stunning. I sat front row center at an Elliot Fisk performance of it. Wow! For some amazing acoustic playing, try "Thr Guitar Trio", Paco De Lucia, Al DiMiola and John McLaughlin, on Verve. This is by far the best of their three cds. The sound makes this one of my reference cds. Each instrument is clear and seperate. Their playing is... out of this world.
I just wanted to ad to my prior post. The Guitar Trio cd is #314 533 215-2 and begins with the track "la Estiba". The label says both Verve and Polydor/Polygram, 1996.
Stockholm Guitar Trio on Opus3 records, Sweeden.
Also not classical spanish guitar, but if you want a lovely album of Cuban guitar, try Juan-Carlos Formell's "Little Blue House." He's the son of one of Cuba's most famous musicians and his CD is spectacular. This one is for those hot summer Sunday afternoons with a big pitcher of lemonade...makes you feel that your on a veranda in sunny Santiago de Cuba. Everyone whom I've shared this one with has bought it the next won't be dissappointed.
Thank you Issabre...but please, please leave that lemonade thing out,... you know for the occasion like that, as you described, give me some Vino!
Better yet...a good agricultural cuban rum mixed with lime.
California Guitar Trio, "Yamanashi Blues" is phenomenal. They aren't strictly classical, they do throw in some blues, but they are amazing axmen. To be sure.
Another performance of Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez", by John Williams, CBS Masterworks MDK 45648. During my brief trial of the wonderful Decware Zen Amp (alas, not enough power), the second movement of this piece suddenly became a love song between guitar and oboe. Now that I know what this CD CAN sound like, I'm waiting to find the amp that will recreate that emotion, while fulfilling more power demanding needs as well.