Best classic pre and post amp combinations

I'm interested in improving my power. I've got two Rega planer 3's. I would like a pre thats high end and classic with 2 phono inputs, 2 tape loops and an aux or CD input. class A discreet is a must. Tube or Fet. I prefer used and something thats easy to find on EBAY or Audiogon. My buget is small about $1000. This is a big step forward and I want to insure big bang for the buck.
What are your thoughts about the tonal balance that you seek in this preamp ? Sean
I would recommend Conrad-Johnson PV5 pre-amp & MV-50 power amp. The combo is VERY MUSICAL! They were produced in the mid '80's. New around $3000, should be able to buy for $900-$1200 now. PV5 has only one phono input, but what a phono section! Amp is AB, but is a very powerful 50 WPC. Very highly rated in its day and very attractive ergonomics. Still being seviced by CJ: parts, tubes, upgrades, boxes, etc.
Look for an Audio Research SP-3 (any version) tube preamp. Has everything you're looking for (two phono inputs, etc.), and still sounds great. Especially good phono stage. A true classic for which ARC still has an upgrade package!
The classic Conrad Johnson Motif MC-8 FET preamp has exactly that. It has two completely separate phono inputs; one high MC, the other low MM. It has two tape loops. It has two pre-outs (for two amplifiers). It also has two regular line level inputs. It sold for about $1000 more than the MC-9 that was the same with no phono, so the phono stages are first rate. If that phono stage has been in a separate box the price would have been a lot higher.

I own two MC-8. One is in my home office system, the other is in the closet since I have no place for it currently.