Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?

The time has come to put to the people a listening test of some of the better

current "Contenders" in the race for Best Class D GaNFET Sound.


The existing media can not manage such an undertaking for many reasons.

This event will help consumers decide which products best meet their needs.


I have not heard all the players but will suggest these names for inclusion in this comparison.


1. Mola Mola 

2. Atmasphere 

3. AGD

4. Bel Canto

5. NAD

6. ?

7. ?

8. ?


Finale Aavik vs winner of above 


Event will be held either in Seattle or the Bay Area.


We can support about three more brands in this comparison.  

It will be setup as an A/B audience listening event

comparison starting with the two lowest MSRP products.



After the seven A/B comparisons one amp would emerge as the audience favorite.

This winner would then go head to head with the Aavik in the 8th round.


I will plan this for a July-August 2023 event open to the public.


I now open this to further discussion, ideas and suggestions for the last three slots.





I just proposed to the Lou Hinckley, PNW Audiofest organizer,

that we use the top floor of the Show Hotel on Saturday June 24th as a place

to setup the amps for comparisons. Awaiting his response.

So far thanks to some generous local folks we have:

1. HiFi Rose

2. NAD M33

3. Orchard Audio Ultra

4. PeachTree 400

5. Atma-Sphere 

Only 6 left to garner: Aavik, Mola Mola, Technics, AGD, Bel Canto, Lyngdorf

Stay Tuned for further Updates





I found that I and my friend prefer the sound of Scaena 3.2 driven by Line Magnetic SET amp fitted with vintage tubes to that of Starkrimson.


But I am  curious whether Atma D match the sound of LM 508


Are you willing to do side by side comparison between Atma D and LM 508 at my home.


I am living near Burlington, WA





@shkong78  please PM me to discuss further. As per our discussion on another forum, I replaced my LM805 with the Class D’s. So I have done that one ;) but maybe we can figure something out.