Best Class A Int. Amp?

I am looking for the best bang for the buck, I know Levinson,Krell,Wadia, and those kind of folks make great amps but most are out of my budget. I know there have got to be some sleepers out there that will compete with these guys at bargain prices on the used market, I just don't know who they are and can't audition because I am buying used. My budget for the amp is $2000. I am using Vandy 2ce's right now but will be upgrading to a class A speaker over the next 6 months and want to get a quality class A amp for them. I am now using the Acurus A250 amp with the Chiro C800 preamp and Vandy 2W subs.I could really use your advice as to the best buy for the money on this amp. Thank you for your help and reply.
There is a Plinius 8150i out there right now that can be bought for under $2k. Get it. You cannot do any better in an SS integrated. If you want tube and can go a little more ($2200), I am contemplating selling my Copland CTA-402. See Contact me at [email protected]
Simaudio Moon I-5. You can go to site and they have links to several rave reviews on this amp. If raves from the audio press isn't enough to impress you, how about a rating of 4.95/5.00 on from owners own experiences? It's also their outright Choice Award winner from all the integrated amps that were reviewed (over a hundred). I own one and it's the best high end purchase I've ever made. Only an upgrade to the Sim P5/W5 preamp/amp combo would make me part with my I-5. I might be doing just that in the near future, so let me know if you are interested in picking up a used one in absolutely mint condition. You will not be disappointed with this fantastic amp.
Plinius 8150 is agreat sounding integrated
I agree the Plinius is great but if your thinkng 2k retail see if you can audition an Electrocompaniet EC1 3. It's a fantastic 70watt integrated with enough reserve to drive most anything.I beleive it is class A operation.I tried several in this price range, Krell 300i,YBA DT,Classe,Bryston ect. I bought the EC myself.....Good Luck
Rick, just curious what is class "A" speaker?
If your budget is 2K, then the Plinius 8150 is out. Last I checked retail was 3K. I have seen them used for about 2K. Plinius has updated their smaller integrated, formerly the 2100i, now the 8200. I would check it out. I recently purchased the ECI-3 used for 1400.00. I have been very pleased and would do the same again. If you could find a ECI-3 for about the same this would leave you a nice budget for interconnect to source which I have found to be almost as critical as the amp itself. Good luck!
Correction to above. I believe the new version of the Plinius 2100i is in fact the 8100! Just ask for the one that is 2K, there is only one. Cheers!
I'm just burning in my new pass labs x-150. $2,500. You can buy a great Audio Research tube pre-amp as well. I auditioned the following integrated before purchasing my pass labs. krell kav300i, 500i, classe cap 150, I bought the pass lab.
YBA Integre, Kora Design 30 or Mercury Integrated, the Acoustic Masterpiece Stereo Block.
2k doesn't buy class A. Sorry. I just paid 4.5k for Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 based on the Stereophile review, but I can't tell you if that was a good decision until I hear it. Why don't you buy separates? Easier to upgrade later. Good luck.
Sugden A21a. Pure class A. Dual mono, although both channels use same transformer w/ seperate windings. Sugden started Class A. Search "sugden a21a" on Lycos and read Ken Kessler review. Handmade in England and they run about $1500. 21w/ch so match speakers carefully.
You can, check out
Its the VA 1.0 - Class A in the 1500 range. I would say it compares with the plinius 8150