Best Class A / Class AB SS Power Amplifiers between $5000-$10,000

I've been looking for a power amp that pairs well with my Chord DAVE dac/premp which is honestly a world class equipment that may need an Amp of the same caliber to bring out its performance to highly resolving standmounts like Focal Diablo Utopia or Dynaudio Controur 20.

What is in my mind is:
- PS Audio BHK 300 (hybrid)
- Chord SPM Series
- Bryston 2.5-4B3
- Burmester 036
- McIntosh MC302
- Please suggest?

Appreciate your opinions. 
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Tale your choice but listen to them first...









Cambridge Audio CXA60


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I vote for the Spread Spectrum Ampzilla 2000 Mono's! The last and best design from the late James Bongiorno!
I haven't yet heard the new Pass Labs XA25 (class A), but from the praise it's gotten, the sound of the First Watt I own, and other Pass I've heard, and that would be at the top of my list.

I also like Wells Akasha/Innamorta for A/B solid state if you need a bit more power.

Simple question. Simple answer. A “used” Spectral amp within your budget. Power,magic,reliability. 
I have enjoyed my McIntosh MC452 now for about three years, and see they've got a new MC462 coming out this month.  The MC452 pairs really well with my Focal Sopra No2 speakers.
Consider Audio Research, Naim, Parasound Halo JC1 monoblock amps, Classe Delta CA-2300 stereo amp, Classe Delta CAM-300 monoblock amps, some used Virus Audio amps, BAT, VAC, VTL, Accuphase, Conrad Johnson, Pass, Mark Levinson, etc.
Pass Labs 250.8 you won't be sorry.
The price is good for the best class power amplifiers. Make sure to have Finance with your bank.
Can't get them new, but I would choose one of the Nelson Pass Threshold amps.  I have S300 II which is Class A up to 30 watts and then A/B the rest of the way to 150 watts.  I understand their pure class A amps are even better. And the S500 II is also a step up from mine.
Kink56: methinks you,re living in the past.  Things have come a loooong way since1990.  Trust me.  My s300 series two has been in my basement covered with cobwebs for 20 years.  Every time I have an urgent feeling to send it to Jon sonderbergfor updating I lie down 
Until the urgency subsides....
Pass 250.8 great idea the best for your money i second that.
Pass 250.8  An incredibly good amp.
Cayin H-80 is the best
Look, no further if your budget will allow the BHK Monos.
With that selection of speakers, Parasound is where I'd suggest, they are neutral to warm, won't accentuate the high end, but provide lots of drive.
I have a Pass Labs X2t0.5 and the same dac in my reference system.  Excellent sonics.
Sonics. Labs X250.5