Best choice for Koetsu R.Sign. and Benz LP

Hi guys. Now I have an SME 309. I´m looking for a best marriage between my carts (Koetsu Red Signature) and Benz LP. Both sounds lovely with 309 but I think they sound better (more effective mass, of course). What´s your opinion? Some arms on my mind:

Graham Phamtom B-44 and Supreme
Some Clearaudio´s arm like the new Magnify

Thanks in advance for your experiences.
The SME V is a good choice, but the best is the Phantom. Most Arms work very well with some carts and not so good with others (energy transfer, bearing, material mix and so on) and the Phantom is one of those rare ones which work very well on top level with much more carts than other Arms. It has a very intelligent alignment System which allows a user to align a cartridge properly in a maybe 2-3 minutes. This arm has no "sound", it is in a way a tool to discover what's really in the grooves.
You should trade your LP for an LPS....very much better.
Thanks for your opinions.
In my previous post I want to say "I think they could sound better". Sorry. It´s my fault.

Syntax, the first position is for Phantom. Could you say me the difference between B-44 and Supreme? I think B-44 is the older one, but I don´t anything about their sound.

Stringreen, I am really very happy with the LP, and the "trade in" for the LP-S version is very expensive! Benz LP-S needs a better arm than the 309, too.

Somebody who has a Phantom Supreme for sale?