Best choice Classé CAM-350 vs. Halo JC1 or ML 432?

Hello audiophiles,

my system is currently consisting of a pair of Isophon Cassiano D loudspeakers (with accuton ceramic/diamond drivers), a Emm-labs CDSD/DCC combo and a pair of Classé CAM 350 mono blocks. I just received my new speakers a few days ago and after the first 20 hours of listening (up to now the speakers have burnt in for about 50 hours totally) I'm very much satisfied with the airy and extended hights. Soundstaging is just incredible and the overall sound is non-fatiguing.

However, as we audiophiles are always looking for improvements I'm now looking for a "budget" upgrade of my current Classé amps.

Within the new system setup I would wish to have a power amp with extended hights and more slam/weight in the bass region. On the wish-list in also a slightly more forward/involving soundstage.

As i could get as well the Halo JC1 as the ML 432 for a reasonable price on the european used market (for a pair of new Halo JC1 they are asking 10.000 Euro!!). I thought it's worth to give one of the two amps a try.

Worth mentioning that my loudspeakers are not the easiest load to drive: between 25-40Hz the impedance drops down to 2,1 Ohm; the speakers are of medium sensitivity with 86 db

How would you rate the Halo and the ML against my Classé sonically?

Thank's for your comments!

I would give your speakers another 400 hrs to break in those ceramic drivers..

The Parasound JC1's produce Class A in High bais mode for a more romantic sound then the Levinson amp at lower listening levels. The JC1's will have no problem with 2ohm load or with producing bass slam.. Parasound JC1's need 1400hrs to break in the caps so buying used works well for these..
Hi Cytocycle,

you are absolutely right: the ceramic drivers need hour and hours to break in ... and they are getting better every day! "Unfortunately" the offered Halo amps only have a few hours, so I'll also have to burn them in.

After living with the Halo A21 and the Classe CAM-400, I would go for the JC1. They provide a slightly warm sound that is also dynamic and quick. Classe has a nice sound but for my tastes, it is a bit too polite and laid back. The JC1 are awesome speakers and a fantastic "bargin" in audiophile terms anyway.
i have classe cam 350's and they are pretty nice.. i have changed out every thing in my system at one time or another except for the cam 350's..
Keep the Classe'.

What you are looking for is either a speaker or source material issue.