Best Chinese Preamp for Bryston 7B Sts?

I'd like to spend 1200 or less. I run 4 speakers - Acoustic Zen Adagio's and Paradigm Studio 100's.

A friend and fellow audio nut acquired a Ming Da model ???.
It has (2) 12ax7, (2) 12au7, and a rectifier tube. This one had $900 of mods by Response Audio. It's loaded with Vcaps.....and is heavily modded. This preamp was up for bid on Agon a few months back and no one bid on it until my friend put in a min bid of $500. We recently had a mini preamp shoot out with a Moscode Minuet, N.E.W (Cary) P3. He then did an extended compare to my VTL 2.5 at his home. The modded Ming Da clearly held it's own and in my humble was the best of the bunch. I only wish I owned it. I doubt many of these come up often being a modded version but if you can get one you'd be well off.
I've read the Doge 8 preamp is also very nice. These do not come up often here on Agon. For around $800 a TAD 150 Signature is also nice. I previously owned one and it was close to the VTL 2.5 in many respects. The TAD has components from China but final assembly is here in USA.
Finally, also read the Jolida Envoy is suppose to be good. Never herd one though.
Best of luck
Why chinese when there are at least a couple of wonderful conrad johnson tube preamps made in the USA on Audiogon for less than $1200?
I agree, find a good clean used one on audiogon here. You will get more performance for your money, plus when you sell it you will get more of your investment back. IMHO
A friend of mine just acquired a Ming Da preamp modded by Response Audio here on Agon. Not sure on the model though.
Has (2) 12ax7, (2) 12au7, and a rectifier tube.
No one else put in a bid so my friend acquired it for $500 plus shipping. Loaded with Vcaps. The mods alone cost $800 plus. This preamp bettered my VTL 2.5 and N.E.W (Cary) P3 preamps. Sounds very nice.
I've also read the Doge 8 is a strong performer but have not heard one.
Also concur with considering an American preamplifier.

Another benefit is that when you deal with American products they not only retain their value in a far superior manner, but you have actual interest in people buying them if you decide to get out later.

One product to think about is the AES AE-3 by Cary. It comes in under your budget, and is known to be a cut above most of the competition in the low-priced arena.
VAS Citation I.
The Mystere ca21 sounds fantastic. Brand new, it is $2300, but Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio may have a demo that he would sell you for less. He also likes the Mystere ca11, which is less expensive still.

While I agree that the resale value on Chinese products generally stinks, I will tell you that I replaced an Aesthetix Calypso ($5K retail) and a Manley Jumbo Shrimp ($3.5K) with the Mystere ca21 ($2.2K). The Mystere trumps both of those preamps -- it has a much better, wider soundstage, deeper bass, and a seductive mid-range and treble. I am using it with a Pass 150.5. The combination of the Mystere and Pass cost about 40% less than my previous setup, which was a VAC Phi 200 and the Aesthetix Calypso, and I have never been happier than I am now.

For what it's worth, Dick Olsher concluded his review of the Mystere ca21 by saying it sounds better than any preamp he has heard up to a retail price of $8K.
I have an astonishing Chinese (made by astonished Chinese people) Kavent S-33 preamp, a brand which seems to have vanished along with its resale value (although it's so good I doubt I'll sell it any time soon). So, now that I think about it, that suggestion is useless...sorry. Vincent makes good (Chinese) stuff which I know because a friend has one of their gigantic integrateds, and my Kavent has a circuit board that says "Vincent" on it. Also, that drop dead gorgeous "Doge 8" (how the hell do you pronounce "Doge?") preamp at Pacific Valve seems very cool and is sort of in your zone.