Best chestnut roasting recipe

Who out there knows how to roast them? I mean the way those little old Italian men pushing those colorful carts around do it. They're perfect! I mean without that texture that resembles a baked potato. Nice and firm still, but fully cooked. I've tried all of them and they always end up being a baked potato. What is the secret? Tell us!
Well, first you buy a big Class A amp...
UH uh. Baked potato
First you cut a cross in each one then use a coal fire to heat a heavy pan you cook them in fin for a variable amt. of hours. How they taste and what there texture is depends on the number of hours in the cast iron pan.
Okay. You're suggesting hours, not minutes. Is that the key? I've tried high heat , low heat, barbeque, oven, boiled, various internet recipes. They always turn out the same, baked potato. But they've never been in longer than 1/2 hour. The little old Italians pushing carts have a heap of them inside those glass enclosures and you can see a trickle of steam coming out the top(I think they double as popcorn poppers in the Summer)
Cut one side and place them in a pizza pan. Preheat oven at 400 degrees then bake for 35-40 minutes.
Why not ask one of the "little old Italian pushing cart" owners for advice. Might just make their day.
I would but I haven't seen one of them for the last 15 years. I think they're all gone now.
Wrong Forum. The "Food Network" is two doors down on the left:>)
Easy. All you need is an open fire.
Tried that... baked potato.
Have you tried dipping them in sour cream and chives? Then you could add bacon bits and cheddar for loaded chestnuts :-)