Best cheaper alternative to McCormack UDP-1?

I am looking for a 2-channel CD, SACD, DVD player that has as priorities:
1. Redbook CD quality
2. Reliability
3. Video quality least important
- that I can buy for up to $750 used.

Rest of system: VPI TNT Jr TT, Wright PW 200 phono-stage, Sumiko Blackbird cartridge, Proac S1, TAD-60 (also looking for preamp at same price, $750 used)

Please make recommendations.
Marantz dv9500 or 9600
How about an APL Pioneer DV-563A or something similar? The UDP-1 uses Pioneer transports.
Thanks for suggestions.
Rello, is there a difference in audio quality between the 9500 and 9600?
I understand that the 9600 has improved video but the audio is the same as the 9500. I have listend to the 9500 extensively. It is a fine sounding player on all formats.
Thanks, Rello. I have ordered the 9600. Appreciate your help.
I also just orderd the Marantz 9600 and will then send it to Dave at The Upgrade Company.