Best cheap speaker cables............again

Hello all,
I will apologize in advance for asking this question as it is probably one of the most discussed topics
I am looking for some recommendations for a good single wire speaker cable. I am driving a pair of Vienna Haydn's with a pair of Cary tube mono blocks. My old speakers were bi wired and the Haydn's are not. I can't re terminate my current cables so I'm looking at some new wires. Budget under $300.00 and the runs are about 7 feet long. My initial thoughts have been Morrow, signal cable, AQ type 4, zu mission for new cables, but I am certainly not against buying used.


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Regarding what Nkbg said about the Crimsons, I also think they're the right system. I've owned a completed loom of Crimson cables: speaker, RCA and XLR for years, and they did sound amazing. Gave a nice warm, rich, organic and natural sound. I do believe however, that Crimson needs to be in a system with high sensitivity speakers and with components with proper input and output impedances to sound their best. Personally, after hearing actively shielded cables from Synergistic Research and Audioquest, I don't think I can go back.
Everything is system-dependent. I had the Clear Days in my system and they were too bright. My buddy had the Grovers and in his system they colapsed the soundstage. What works wonders in one system is a negative in another.
Schubert, I'm downsizing my system and cables are a part of that process. My budget for speaker cables is $200ish. I'm strongly considering the "new" DNM speaker cables. For me, (89db speakers), I need the Resolution model. May I ask what DNMs you use? I have the HFTN network RCA interconnects and couldn't believe how I preferred them over my Audioquest Colorados, and this was in the main system BEFORE I had to downsize.
Just picked up some DNM speaker cables....older version but still DNM. I have the DNM HFTN interconnects so now the whole system is wired with DNM. Natural and organic presentation. So far away from being hifi"ish". I preferred the DNM HFTN over my Audioquest Colorado interconnects. Love 'em.
Sunnyjim, I'm a bit surprised as to why you had a problem contacting DNM. Yes, the site is more complicated than it needs to be....WITHOUT QUESTION! It certainly is a PITA. I put an order in with Denis with no problems whatsoever. When I received my Resolution speaker cables and standard (not HFTN), I had a problem with the interconnects causing a loud "buzzing" sound from the speakers. It was during this time in which I exchanged NUMEROUS emails with Denis personally. In fact, his response time was extremely quick, so again, I am surprised that you are having such a hard time. Try sending an email to Denis personally.
Austin HIFI in Texas used to be the only US dealer I knew of, but I don't think they sell DNM anymore.