Best cheap speaker cables............again

Hello all,
I will apologize in advance for asking this question as it is probably one of the most discussed topics
I am looking for some recommendations for a good single wire speaker cable. I am driving a pair of Vienna Haydn's with a pair of Cary tube mono blocks. My old speakers were bi wired and the Haydn's are not. I can't re terminate my current cables so I'm looking at some new wires. Budget under $300.00 and the runs are about 7 feet long. My initial thoughts have been Morrow, signal cable, AQ type 4, zu mission for new cables, but I am certainly not against buying used.


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I'll list the speaker cables I've had in my system and my thoughts:

Clear Day Shotguns and Double Shotguns- Most "fleshed out" sounding cable I've had in my rig. Great highs (i've not experienced the harshness that people associate with silver cables). Great micro details. Bass was slightly lacking in my system. Paul is one of the nicest guys around. He'll probably let you demo a pair.

Audioquest Rocket 44's- My least favorite cable so far. Bass and Highs were rolled off. Okay mids.

Tara Labs rsc prime- Similar to the sound of the Rocket 44's but with really good mids.

Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage- Really good cable for the money. Solid bass, solid highs, just lacked some inner detail and weren't fleshed out like some other cables I've had in my rig.

Signal Cable Silver Resolution- I went with these. They had a blend of the Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage wires and the Clear Day Double shotguns in terms of sound, in my system, to my ears. They have good bass extension (As good as the Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage), good highs and are fleshed out (not quite as much as the Clear Day cables.

I actually have all Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables throughout my system, made to the shortest lengths possible in my system; none of my wires touch each other, or the ground, or run parellel. I know, I know, lol.

I did have all of these at the same time so I was able to do a/b comparisons on the same system with the same songs.

I've been interested in Anti Cables, Morrow, Nordost and Grover Huffman, but have no experience with those.