Best cheap speaker cables............again

Hello all,
I will apologize in advance for asking this question as it is probably one of the most discussed topics
I am looking for some recommendations for a good single wire speaker cable. I am driving a pair of Vienna Haydn's with a pair of Cary tube mono blocks. My old speakers were bi wired and the Haydn's are not. I can't re terminate my current cables so I'm looking at some new wires. Budget under $300.00 and the runs are about 7 feet long. My initial thoughts have been Morrow, signal cable, AQ type 4, zu mission for new cables, but I am certainly not against buying used.


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Would it be physically possible to connect both the low and high frequency wires of your existing cables to the single pair of binding posts on the Vienna speakers? If so, IMO that would certainly be worth trying, and could very conceivably provide better results than whatever single-wired cables you might go to.

-- Al