Best cheap speaker cables............again

Hello all,
I will apologize in advance for asking this question as it is probably one of the most discussed topics
I am looking for some recommendations for a good single wire speaker cable. I am driving a pair of Vienna Haydn's with a pair of Cary tube mono blocks. My old speakers were bi wired and the Haydn's are not. I can't re terminate my current cables so I'm looking at some new wires. Budget under $300.00 and the runs are about 7 feet long. My initial thoughts have been Morrow, signal cable, AQ type 4, zu mission for new cables, but I am certainly not against buying used.

Would it be physically possible to connect both the low and high frequency wires of your existing cables to the single pair of binding posts on the Vienna speakers? If so, IMO that would certainly be worth trying, and could very conceivably provide better results than whatever single-wired cables you might go to.

-- Al
If you decide to replace you current cables, I would suggest you add anti-cables to your list. I have experience with some of the other possibilities on your list.

My experience in order of preference is 1) Anticables 2) signal silver, 3) AQ4. Reduction in grain is quite noticeable as you ascend the list. I have no experience with Morrow or Zu.
As I suggested to a previous poster who asked the same question - AQ Rocket 33's. A step up from Type 4. They are $300 new for a 10' pair. So less if you only need 8'.

These are the cables I use with my Vienna Bach Grands and am extremely satisfied. Good luck and Happy New Year!
Anything you buy from Monoprice will fill the bill.
I am very happy with Discovery Essential with my Haydn Grands.
Take a look at Signal Cable - Silver Resolution - 10 Gauge

Special pricing $309 for 8 ft pair terminated with Bananas or spades

Other members report very good things on some of their other products i.e. interconnects and power cables

I'm waiting for one of their silver resolution power cables to arrive asw I write this

I would suggest Grover Huffman cables. Look up the reviews. I have tried some very pricey stuff and settled with the Grovers.
Happy New Year. Both the Audioquest & Straight Wire are excellent choices.
Used pair of Nordost Blue Haven on CL or the bay in the $300 to $400 can not be touched by any of these your considering. You will have to dig around but it will be worth it for that type of performance for that type of money...
Hey Skip, would be most helpful to know what cables you have now and what you'd like to improve and/or what aspects of sound are most important to you.
Based on my experience I would suggest Mapleshade Golden Helix, or Morrow SP-2. Both have good tone and sparkle. The Mapleshade is more brightly lit and foward, and with better bass definition and drive. The Morrow is slightly laid back allowing one to hear deeper into the music and arrangements and more forgiving of poor recordings.
I share the previous poster's view on the Morrow.

I like this one better than the Morrow:

I bought a pair without connectors to see if I liked them.

But; one's blessing is another's curse.
I've been an MIT man for years and year. I've recently heard AQ with a ton of systems and all different price levels. All have impressed me by low noise and what they don't add or lose. Most neutral cables I've ever heard and I've heard most of them over the years.
AQ Type 4 is a great option, but if you go up the line to the Rockets, I don't think you can go wrong.
Grover Huffman or Crimson Audio (used should be under your budget). The Crimsons are absolutely amazing.
Try Canare Star Quad 4S11 (or 4S8 if you prefer thinner gage) from Have Inc. (they have it in bulk or terminated in grey or black!)or Blue Jeans Cables.
Plenty of info on the net about this cable performing well above it's price-point.

Some would equate Aq Type 4 to Canare 4S8 as far as configuration/performance.
Remember cable-science will always trump cable voodoo.
Supra cables are worth considering:

On one of my systems I use the Supra Cables Ply S/3.4
Cheap is a bad word its less expensive!!
I started out with Goertz Alpha, then switched to Signal cable ... which I kept for about two years or so. Then auditioned Morrow, Speltz, Audio Art, and Straley Reality cables around the same period. The Straley's are still in service and I have no desire to change any time soon. YMMV
Went to the reality website. Do you know if the cables are available in bulk or if they offer shorter lengths than 8'? I use mono block amps and would prefer a bit shorter cable around 5 or 6' at the most. I dropped them an email, but wondering if you may have the answer. I also prefer bare wire ends. Do they offer an unterminated option?
Any experience here with transparent wave? A buddy has a pair that he's looking to unload. He's asking for $90.00 for an 8' pair. Good deal?
If the Transparent is the current version it's a very good cable and a very good deal.
Regarding what Nkbg said about the Crimsons, I also think they're the right system. I've owned a completed loom of Crimson cables: speaker, RCA and XLR for years, and they did sound amazing. Gave a nice warm, rich, organic and natural sound. I do believe however, that Crimson needs to be in a system with high sensitivity speakers and with components with proper input and output impedances to sound their best. Personally, after hearing actively shielded cables from Synergistic Research and Audioquest, I don't think I can go back.
I'll list the speaker cables I've had in my system and my thoughts:

Clear Day Shotguns and Double Shotguns- Most "fleshed out" sounding cable I've had in my rig. Great highs (i've not experienced the harshness that people associate with silver cables). Great micro details. Bass was slightly lacking in my system. Paul is one of the nicest guys around. He'll probably let you demo a pair.

Audioquest Rocket 44's- My least favorite cable so far. Bass and Highs were rolled off. Okay mids.

Tara Labs rsc prime- Similar to the sound of the Rocket 44's but with really good mids.

Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage- Really good cable for the money. Solid bass, solid highs, just lacked some inner detail and weren't fleshed out like some other cables I've had in my rig.

Signal Cable Silver Resolution- I went with these. They had a blend of the Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage wires and the Clear Day Double shotguns in terms of sound, in my system, to my ears. They have good bass extension (As good as the Blue Jeans Belden 10 guage), good highs and are fleshed out (not quite as much as the Clear Day cables.

I actually have all Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables throughout my system, made to the shortest lengths possible in my system; none of my wires touch each other, or the ground, or run parellel. I know, I know, lol.

I did have all of these at the same time so I was able to do a/b comparisons on the same system with the same songs.

I've been interested in Anti Cables, Morrow, Nordost and Grover Huffman, but have no experience with those.
Everything is system-dependent. I had the Clear Days in my system and they were too bright. My buddy had the Grovers and in his system they colapsed the soundstage. What works wonders in one system is a negative in another.
Thanks for all the advice. I ended up trying out the level 2 anti cables between my Cary tube mono blocks and my vienna Haydn's. they sound amazing! ( thanks Mark)! Since i am never done tinkering, I am also going to give the reality cables a try as well. I will also try out a few of the other recommendations from you all. I'll keep you all posted.
Thanks again for all the advice
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The Skipper
One more recommendation.....Analysis Plus Oval 9. Hard to beat the performance for the price.
Get used cables...and I can highly recommend AQ Type 8 speaker cable...simply a great design, and my 10' pair are clear as a bell.
Walmart extension cords. I think they are outdoor models. I use them on my Vandersteen model 5 speakers. I know there is way better but I don't care, the system sounds really good.

Happy Listening.
I actually had the chance to audition many of the above mentioned cables. I tried the level 3 anti cables, grover huffmans, Straley reality cables, morrow sp2, and Audioquest type 4. In my system, the reality cables won hands down. I won't bore you with all the usual audio terms. To my ears, they just sounded the best.
Kimber 4TC. You can get it bulk for around $10 per foot and then use termination of choice.. Great speaker wire.
For under $100 I say try out the Belkin PureAV Silver OCC 14AWG Speaker Cables. I've used these cables with tube amplification as well as solid state amplification and they sounded really nice.

For under $300 try Morrow Audio SP3 speaker wires. Often on the Morrow Audio website they come up for sale used and there are times when the have a sale and you can get an additional 10-20% off. I used the Morrow Audio SP3 speaker wires more the my tube amps though.
Since cables interact differently with each component, I'd say that there really can't be an answer per say, just like anything else in audio. make a list and try to get some loaners to see what you like best in your system and where.
Signal Cables are an excellent value, if you choose the "Ultra" model Is any member currently using them??

Also I have seen several recommendations for DNM/Reson speaker cable. The less expensive "Precision 2" model can compete with Signal Cable's "Ultra" in price. The DNM cable is a flat cable. But, why are they so often recommended?? What is their sound quality across the audio spectrum??
Jump on them SPORT!!
DNM just get out of the way on any kind of music, I have 2 prs and they are good in any system or any room.
Best bang for the buck there is and I've tried them all.
I get excellent results with Tara Labs Master Generation 2 "Plus" on my Haydn Grands. The speakers are being driven by a solid state class A pre and class A amp, though, so I can't tell you how well my cables will do with a tube amp. I do have a tubed Conrad Johnson EV-1 phono pre in the chain with a Tara Labs Air 1 interconnect on it that also gives me excellent results with the Haydn Grands.
Schubert, I'm downsizing my system and cables are a part of that process. My budget for speaker cables is $200ish. I'm strongly considering the "new" DNM speaker cables. For me, (89db speakers), I need the Resolution model. May I ask what DNMs you use? I have the HFTN network RCA interconnects and couldn't believe how I preferred them over my Audioquest Colorados, and this was in the main system BEFORE I had to downsize.
D-boy, I have one pair of each.
One thing I like about DNM(and ZU) is it plays so well with other brands, like the good kid in kindergarten.
DNM even at its price, will really let you know if something is amiss upstream,Zu and Morrow not so much.
I agree with Savgam about Oval 9 but hard to find under $300 which OP set as limit.
I found Oval9 a star with Maggies with Oval 12 not far behind.
Hey Skipper!
Gilligan here with another recommendation.
Try some Tempo Electric silver speaker cables. If you go with bare connections, you'll keep under your target price.

All the best,
If one is still looking for the best CHEAP speaker cable then I have a suggestion for anyone in the market.
Don't laugh or be a naysayer unless you have tried this...just saying!
Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get yourself some 12 gauge "SOLID" core copper wire. Something like this:¤tURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1%26page%3D2&facetInfo=
Give it about an hour of break in time and you might be surprised how good it sounds for $16.
Just picked up some DNM speaker cables....older version but still DNM. I have the DNM HFTN interconnects so now the whole system is wired with DNM. Natural and organic presentation. So far away from being hifi"ish". I preferred the DNM HFTN over my Audioquest Colorado interconnects. Love 'em.
To Devilboy. I have tried to contact DNM/Reson twice by e-mail about ordering speaker cable, and they have not responded. I was specific about length, connectors and whether I can get them assembled at their factory. I also about the difference in price and sound quality between the Resolution and Precision 2

There website and ordering process is confusing, and generally blows If you have a more accessible and reliable link, could you please provide it on this site. Thanks, Jim
Canadian(BC) dealer on Ebay was where I go my 2 pr. Jumpers as well .Reliable.
Sunnyjim, I'm a bit surprised as to why you had a problem contacting DNM. Yes, the site is more complicated than it needs to be....WITHOUT QUESTION! It certainly is a PITA. I put an order in with Denis with no problems whatsoever. When I received my Resolution speaker cables and standard (not HFTN), I had a problem with the interconnects causing a loud "buzzing" sound from the speakers. It was during this time in which I exchanged NUMEROUS emails with Denis personally. In fact, his response time was extremely quick, so again, I am surprised that you are having such a hard time. Try sending an email to Denis personally.
Austin HIFI in Texas used to be the only US dealer I knew of, but I don't think they sell DNM anymore.
Devilboy, Thank you for the advice about DNM. Actually, I received an e-mail from a Mr. Morecroft claiming he sent the information I had requested. I checked my e-mails and junk mail back to the middle of April, and there was no e-mails from him or anyone else associated with this product.

He did say he would resend the information if I could not find it, or has been lost in cyber space. Hopefully, I will hear from him tomorrow. BTW, I don't recall if Morecroft's first name was Denis. Thanks for the reply
The best cheap speaker cable is the in-wall power cable in your house.

Go to any electrical hardware store, buy 10 meters of in-wall copper power cord with single solid core, cut them into two pairs and you have a nice speaker cable.

They will certainly compare favourably with any cable in the market under $300. Remember "single solid core" is vital.
As stated 5/11/14