Best Cheap, Small, High Sensitivity Speakers

Looking to start a second system centered around low powered Antique Sound amp. Need a suggestion for a speaker that's small, inexpensive (under 1000 a pair), with a db rating in the 92-97 range. Does this exist or am I barking up a nonexsistent tree? As always I thank you all in advance. Your advice in the past has been invaluable.
B&W DM302. Recently discontinued, but many mint pairs available for as little as $175. rated at 91. Stereophile Editors Choice speaker and was EISA loudspeaker of year for 1996 and 1997. Check here and on eBay.
Triangle Zephyr or used Triangle Ittoh.
Look at's high-efficiency kits, they have one called the Mars that may be what you need.
Try Soliloquy 5.0 monitors. I had a pair, and they were
terrific. They make an identical speaker with higher
sensitivity specifically for SET amps and other low
powered amps. I can't remember the exact model, something
like 2A3, but don't quote me. They have a very natural
midrange, bass rolls off below 45Hz (typical for a monitor)
but mates well with a subwoofer. Imaging and soundstaging
is outstanding. I sold my pair in excellent condition for
$475. I think they're $895 new. The 2A3 model has something
like 93dB sensitivity. The 5.0 model is around 88dB.
Triangle Acoustique Titus - Rated at 90db. Very easy load.

Also, Soliloquy SM-2A3, specifically designed for SET, recommended amp power is 3-25 watts. 10ohm speakers. A bit higher than the $1,000 mark, but a pair just sold here on AudiogoN for $850 with stands!
If $1100 isn't too far beyond your budget, I urge you to consider the Sequerra Pyramid MET 7.7 speaker. I owned an earlier version of this terrific monitor, and highly recommend it. It is built by Richard Sequerra, one of the legends in high-end audio (he co-designed the Day-Sequerra tuner, widely regarded as the finest FM tuner ever made).

For more info on the Pyramid MET 7.7, check out these two Web sites:
(a review of the speaker by PlanetHiFi)
(Sequerra's home page)
When I posted a similar inquiry last month, I got some excellent recommendations. In addition to the speakers people have already listed above, I also had recommendations for Proac Tablettes, Krix Equinox, Silverline small monitors (they make several), Coincident Triumph Signatures, JM Reynaud Twins, and Spendor small monitors (they also have a couple of different models).
Gallo Acoustics has just released its new speaker the Due' (prototype name Bravo) using a new version of the famous CDT tweeter from the old ultimate/reference/solo line. The new tweeter is a 180 degree dispersion (not 320 like the original) and the speaker features dual micro balls with UPDATED drivers. I have my first set already on order:) I plan to use them for a small bedroom system with the Antique Sound Lab mini monos, and for suround speakers on my Gallo Reference LCR set-up. They are rated at 93db so power should not be an issue. Price is $500.00 each!

See Due' photos and info on CDT tweeter at:

Hi, Sarah. I was one of the people that posted to your thread a few weeks ago, and was wondering where your journey has taken you. Have you auditioned any of the speakers that people recommended, and, if so, what are your thoughts about them? Scott C-
"Does this exist or am I barking up a non existent tree?"
There is trade off in speaker performance. You must sacrifice 1)effeciency, 2)frequency response or 3)cabinet size. The laws of physics demand that you cannot have all three. This is a well settled fact. One fairly clear article on this subject is at ( I believe that is the correct site (in parens) according to my notes. If not, go to the site and search the site for an article by John L. Murphy called "Loudspeaker Design Tradeoffs." If you want small, sensitive speaker, you cannot get a low frequency (Big bass) too. I do not care what anybody says and neither should you.
good luck
follow up to my post. at true audio hit "tech topics" and the article will be listed. The article is not at the exact location I listed. In any event, you will not get everything in a small package.
Once again, I appreciate everyone's time and effort. You guys are great. Lots to think about. I remember listening to a tiny pair of proacs 10 years ago. I think I'll start there. Have a great holiday everyone!
Check it out. Don't knock them unless you have heard them! Several there, I was thinking of the Lowther.
Another possibility is the Moth Cicada that has 94dB sensitity with single Lother-type driver for $650/pr at
Easy the Sequerra Met 7's will eat anything out there--period!

If your on a budget have a look at the JBL s38 (around $200) Stereophile did a review last summer and a component list recommendation this fall. What type of music do will you primarily listen to by the way??
Check out Axiom line-up at They apparently offer a 30 day trial but there is a vendor in Canada who ships to the US with lower prices but negates the 30 day return policy.
I'm trying to do exactly the same. "divergent", he seems to be the force, or proprietor, or design engineer at ASL, said Triangle Titus.

Did you know that Sam Tellig rated them B in Stereophile, amazing for a $500 speaker. The original review is in his feture "Sam's Place."

Audio Odessey is also offering the slightly larger Triangle Comete at the same price in a discontinued veneer.

I'd like something really small; the aplication is computer monitor audio out to ASL to speakers. Would NHT's work? Zero probably or SuperZero, I don't exactly remember the model nomenclature.

btw, which ASL? The Wave is appealing on price point; "divergent" recommends their integrated, the one priced 700-800.

Do you have any thoughts about Tulip, the 3.5watt 2A3 integrated with remote? Tend to keep volume very low in computer-room/bed-room and space is about 15x25, if that.

Many thanks for bringing up the issue,

Richard Moss