Best CHEAP long under-carpet speaker cable

I'm about to put down carpet in an area that will support a second mid-fi system. What's the best speaker cable to go underneath the carpet? The length has to be around 20-25 feet. Obviously the most important issue is that it's relatively flat.

What do you think?
Alpha-Core Goertz?
I'd suggest contacting a local home theater installation company. They routinely use flat cabling that can be purchased in bulk, and that does not receive "audiophile" buzz.
The Alpha Core series of flat cables would fit your needs. Available in bulk as well as pre-made.
Check out River Cable Flexygy (sp?). They make some flat cable with supposedly great sonics, and not too pricey at all. I'm sure an e-search will bring back some good info.
If I am not mistaken, and I might be, but I beleive runnng speaker wires under carpet is a code violation. Anyone sure of this??
06-16-07: Kennyt
If I am not mistaken, and I might be, but I beleive runnng speaker wires under carpet is a code violation. Anyone sure of this??

What would be the reason for a code prohibiting this? There isn't enough current running through speaker cable to present any danger whatsoever.
As I said, I could be wrong...

It was my understanding that powered lines including speaker wires especially on high powered amps should not run under carpet.... but I could be wrong here!!!!

Please let me know if I am!
Kennyt, I think you are first required to perform this test. Fill the bath tub with water. Take your shoes and socks off. Stand in water filled tub. Now place one of the speaker cable ends in your mouth. Next firmly grasp the other cable in your moist hand and have your wife power up your amplifier. If you are not dead, these wires are safe for under your carpeting. I hope I have been helpful.
I second the Mapleshade
if you don't want to spend a fortune, check out this cable made by DeCorp:

you can get it in 12 gauge (.008"), 14 gauge (.006"), and 18 gauge (.004"). i've never used the wire before so i can't comment on how it "sounds". good luck.
I use Acoustic Research 16 guage 100% pure copper wire for my surrounds, it has 4 runs and is about an 3/4inch wide and very thin and it cones in white. And it is cheap.
I thought the Mapleshade wire is a bit on the delicate side. If the carpet that covers it is to be walked on, might this create a potential problem?
So far no problems here. I had the Mapleshade cables for a few months under the carpet for my surrounds. I ran it along the edges and is under a thick 10 lbs carpet pad with thick carpet on top of that. So there is lots of padding. Works for me and sounds great. It is a little delicate and you have to be very carefull and tape it to the floor before laying the carpet and pad on top.