Best cheap integrated for Ascend CBM-170's.

I have a relatively limited budget and I'm looking to buy an integrated to drive a pair of Ascend Acoustic CBM-170's. I'm trying to decide between a Rotel RA-01/02, the comparable NAD, and the Cambridge Audio Azur 540A. I'm also open to suggestions, but I'm trying to limit my spending to around $500.
I use an NAD C320bee and love it. I had a C340 prior to that and thought highly of that as well. I also have a Creek 4330 which is very simple, but easy to listen to. Much of my gear was purchased here on the Gon. Just do not be in a hurry and you'll find that reasonable deal. What I love is that you can often buy it try it and then if you decide on something else you can often sell your item and be out just shipping a couple of times. Good luck and happy listening.
In your price range for used you should investigate the Audio Refinement Complete. Smooth sounding amp with nice build quality

First of all, the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170's are great little speakers. Just make sure to get some good speaker stands, preferably one's that can be sand or shot filled, and the correct height for your listening position. Anyway, as far as amplification within your budget, I bought a vintage Marantz 2270B receiver (circa 1974) for $265 from a fellow A-gon member and couldn't be more pleased. A nice, well-maintained vintage piece should be an option you explore.

Good luck!
If I was in your position I would go for the Jungson JA-88C. Its entry level priced at $400, but definitly well above entry level performance. You can find some posts here and at Audio Asylum on the Jungson.

BW MaxxC