Best cheap integrated amp

I'm looking to minimize my system in retirement, as I find my stereo gets minimal use. I'm looking to buy a NEW integrated amplifier under $500. 
For now I will keep my TT, DAC, and phono preamp. Next I will downsize to smaller speakers. My current system is listed in virtual systems.
Thank you. 
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Probably was Saturday Audio Exchange selling 'B' stock. 
Why downgrade you have a wonderful system its not to big.Well enjoy anyway.
Though this system sounds very good I’m considering downgrading the amp for a few reasons:
1. Infrequent use the system, so I question the logic of owning a $2k tube amp.
2. The matter of inconvenience of letting a tube amp warm up for best performance. I would use it more often for shorter periods of time.
That’s it in a nut shell.
Yamaha A-S501 or a deal on a used 801.  Scary good for the $$