Best cheap integrated amp

I'm looking to minimize my system in retirement, as I find my stereo gets minimal use. I'm looking to buy a NEW integrated amplifier under $500. 
For now I will keep my TT, DAC, and phono preamp. Next I will downsize to smaller speakers. My current system is listed in virtual systems.
Thank you. 
What are you trying to achieve by downsizing?  Pulling money out of your system?  Ease of use?  Less clutter visually?

you have a nice system... i really like your integrated that you have now and your speakers...  

possibly just keep those, ditch everything else and get a bluesound node 2i.  Control your system and music selection on your phone.

Or, sell everything and go this route?

Do yourself a favor DO NOT HESITATE to buy this amp before they are gone!!!
 It has EVERYTHING(except TT but you'll not need it after you experience streaming) you will ever need to downsize but maintain high fidelity...NOTHING recommended can touch these amps for system control & sound for $ spent!!!
MICROMEGAMyAmp Integrated Amp 60w x2ch. Perfect for Atmos/Zone 2Item #: MICROMEGAMYAMPAvailability: IN STOCK, ships out in 1-2 Business Days. $649.99$279.99
Ask an expert Accessories4Less advisor1.800.657.0195....
We can talk speakers but this amp & a set of $500.00 Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary speakers or any number of good sounding affordable speakers would kick serious audiophile a$$ in a smallish listening room...
NAD - even the 316 sounds great for the money.
Lot of choices, each have strengths, will have to decide to live with or accommodate weaknesses.  Atoll does peek my interest, wish it were more accessible.