Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers

I want to drive some medium sized to large Maggies (1.7 or 3.7) with the cheapest possible amps that will still let them sound great.

I prefer monoblocks and by 'cheap' I mean a kilobuck or so, tho less would be fine too.  I do NOT want to spend 4 thou...
Hey Randy,

I don't think ebm is the seller or anything of the sort. Just feels that this would be a great amp for you and knows that one will go fast at that price. Kinda like the DR-8 that sold hours after I posted about it.

Not questioning your approach. It's your call to buy or not buy anything.

Best to you Randy,
ok, just checking

I stand by the need for a bigger discount tho (for me, as I want to try amps in my system)
I have 1.6's and have driven them with 4 different amplifiers and gotten excellent results. They are as follows: Bryston 3BST, Audio Research 150.2 (Tripath), Quicksilver V4 (Mono Bloc Tube) and Red Dragon M500 (Mono Bloc Class D). Presently switching back and forth between the ARC and Quickies using Audible Illusions M3A Tube Preamp. I used the Bryston with the same preamp as well and the sound was incredible with all 3 amps with this preamp but sonically a bit different. I'm now using the Bryston on a pair of Vandersteen 3A Sigs and it's a great combo as well. The Red Dragons do need a preamp that can play nice with an input impedance of 10k. That's a little low for a tube preamp but you can try and see. When I used the Dragons I used an ARC SP16 but with SCE HRS interface that helps with Amp to Preamp impedance issues. I have not tried the Dragons with my AI M3A yet but I intend to at some point. The Bryston, ARC and RD amps are older products and may be found used at a bargain price. The Quickies are still in production and have gotten a little pricey but you may be able to find a used pair within your budget. I would imagine the 1.7's at least would be in line with the 1.6's in terms of mating them with amps.
@russbutton mentioned Hafler as a cheap amp option. I used a Hafler DH220 with Maggie 1.6s in a small room and loved the sound. These are MOSFET amps and do have that smooth sound MOSFET's are known for. I recapped the amp as the original caps were past their prime.

You could purchase two DH500s, recap them and have a wonderful sounding pair of amps. And the good thing about these amps is, if they don't tickle your ear, you can resell them.
Maggies are too good for a cheap amp