Best center substitute to match B&W 803's

Anyone know or can recommend a sleek or in wall or modern looking center speaker that is not to big ( as in wide ) that I could match up with 803'sthat would provide good clear dialogue when watching movies? I have the htm2 and it is just too big - putting in a fireplace under my plasma and need something a lot smaller ....besides the htm2 center for whatever reason Is bassy, sounds hollow and does not provide clear dialogue...spoke to b&w and they said I have no alternatives other than the htm4 but I suppose they can't refer me to another brand...any ideas or suggestions? Thanks very much.
Maybe a Gallo Strada or Ref. AV? I have their Ref. AV and it is a superb center channel speaker...

For many of us, the single most important consideration for a center channel is that it match the L/R in voicing and timbre and that, usually, means choosing a very similar product from the same manufacturer. A center speaker that performs well with one set of L/R is not certain to match another without actually auditioning the combination. Thus, I would never recommend an otherwise excellent center speaker for use with another model/brand of L/R unless I have used them together.

What I can say is that it may be better not to use a center at all (phantom center) if (1) you cannot find a good match and (2) you can get good center-fill from your L/R pair. One bonus would be that image height would be stable across the frontal soundstage compared to using 2 floor-standers for L/R and a horizontal center below the display.
Thanks... I tried the phantom center but it just didn't sound right...the main listening position is off center and I think that it made more difficult for the l/r speaker setup to sort of create a center...

I am not looking for perfection as what I have now is so far from sounding right...but good dialogue would be awesome ..

I will look into the Galla strada and ref a.v. Thanks!
I just realized I made a mistake - I am looking for something that is not too can be long ...or wide....
The ref av looks it sold in the United states? I am in New York