Best Center Channel to Pair with B&W 803D2


My cabinet is a tad too small to fit the htm4 diamond. I also have limited flexibility and so having a htm4 or similar speaker on stands is not an option.

What are you thoughts on pairing the CM Centre 2 with my 803s? I'm not sure what the best option is, but this seems like a good fit.

That darn tweeter on the 800 series just kills it for me space wise as far as the center is concerned. The speaker with the tweeter is just an inch too tall for my shelf.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated as always.

Perhaps the BW CM series. It doesn't have the protruding tweeter enclosure but still has the tweeter enclosure built in.

It doesn't have the same tweeter material, but it will probably be the closest you get.
Get a new damn cabinet. Kills me when cabinets determine component choices, but that's just me.
Have the exact same predicament .... Haven't seen any good suggestions yet. :(
I have the htm2 and to be honest the dialogue is muddy and boomy and not so great other problem is I want to put in a fireplace and once I do there is no room for that monster center so I am looking for alternatives....