Best Center Channel Speaker

Looking for a really good 2 channel speaker, have the Vandersteen VCC1 now but looking for something better, will spend 600-800 used. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Rick
I don't know what your main speakers are or if you're planning on replacing your main speakers (?). This is improtant because you want to have a tonal balance across the front (i.e, you want similar sounding speakers). Many center channels are designed for wide dispersment of sound and thus created differently than main speakers but they should have the same tonal characteristics. That is the biggest factor - so make sure they match the main LR! My personal favorite (nothing is more subjective than speakers) is the Snell HCC-500. But then again I have Snells for my main LR! Good Luck!
If money is an issue, pick up a used B&W Matrix HTM If not, get the Nautilus.
Legacy Audio SilverScreen.
Aerial CC3. Provides environment control for positioning above below monitor, or on stand (prefered), and a program adjustment for midrange cut/boost that can also serve to intergrate the center with your main speakers. Ultimately though, you would want consistent or identical speakers for good HT. If your main focus is on 2 channel, the Aerial gets you more dialogue, detail, and authority than anything else I've heard, and blends well with a variety of other speakers.
Definitely the Legacy Silverscreen!!!!!!
Thanks to all for your responses so far. I should have mentioned that my main speakers are Vandy 2CE's. Will the Legacy Silver Screen work? Thanks again for all the help. Rick