best CDR disc to buy as present

What is the best sounding CDR disc that I can buy for my brother's Phillips CD recorder? It is also important that the discs record without problem.

In case it matters here is info on recorder...

His recorder has two bays for discs, one for the original (source) disc and the other for the CDR. I do not know the model number of this machine but it is about 2 or 3 years old and costs about $300.

Thanks for any help.

Memorex Black have worked real well and are inexpensive.

Here's a recent discussion on the topic:

When buying CD-R's, you'll want the kind that's marked "consumer audio." Those are the discs designed for your brother's player. The other discs are designed for computer burning. I haven't tried using the "computer kind" in my stand-alone burner, but maybe someone else can tell you whether it would work.

Good luck.
thanks... you guys are very helpful.