Best cdp with integrated preamp and remote?

Am considering changing my cdp and need an high-end model with integrated preamp and remote control. Need open, warm ("tubey") sound and great detail definition.
Audio Aero Capitole Mk II SE matches your description.
There is a Resolution Audio GNSC modded player for sale right now. A very good price for this analogue-like player. I own one of these myself! Highly recommended, and great value!
I second GNSC modified Opus 21.
Do you warm and tubey or great detail and definition? You can't go full out both ways.

I have owned or presently own both the 21 GNSC'd and the AA Capitole player.

You will get more of what you want with the AA - it is a beautiful sounding device. It is NOT the most detailed (ie. like a wadia, esoteric, etc. . .), but that is what you must give up for that warm, tubey sound.

The 21 (modded) is a good inbetween. I doesn't fall apart with large scale music, has digital inputs and volume control.

The AA is unreliable in terms of build quality and is made in France, where is basically needs to be sent to for any reasonable repairs.

Either EMM Labs or DCS are both going to take you much fruther than the 21, but for a lot more money. Neither can be confused as tube sounding, but are very neutral and will not deliver the stridency that wadia and esoteric are sometimes known for. By the way, I love both Wadia and Esoteric.

I have owned all of the units/brands referenced above over the past few years, so this is not passing along what I read elsewhere or heard at a dealership.
Red Book only: Nagra CDC. Unbelievable.
SACD and CD: dCS Puccini w/ U-Clock. Holy cow.

Both absolutely top shelf.

Disclosure; I am Nagra USA and dCS Ltd. US Service Manager.
Hey Mcintech, Can you send me that Puccini and clock if I promise to listen very careful and confirm your comments?

Since you service both, I do have a serious question for you. Raveena Bawa indicated that they were going to have somebody in the states contact me about converting voltage and cycles to US from a non-US made version.

Do you know the cost to do that for a DCS Dac/preamp?