Best CDP w/ headphone jack for under $1,000

I just blew out the power supply on my CD player thanks to my wonderous attempts at tweaking. So now I need a new player that meets these qualifications:

1) Must have headphone jack with volume control.
2) Must play CD-R discs.
3) Must sound "musical" and not bright, dry, or shallow.
4) Must cost less than $1,000.

The only 2 players that I know of with a headphone jack are the Jolida JD 100 and Marantz SA 8260. The addition of SACD playback on the Marantz would be nice, but for all of the 2 SACD discs I own, is it worth it considering I heard someone say this player has trouble reading some discs? Since I am a headphone listener, can anyone tell me how each of these players sounds through the headphone jack? Or is there another player I have overlooked that is worth considering?
A used Jvc1050 is an excellent cd player very well built used price around 150.00. It also has a headphone jack.
I used Marantz headphone output before and it sounds very good. I did not have any problems with disc reading. It is very good player for the price.
I bet you wont find anything better under 1000.00$
You can always buy used one here and resell it if you don't like it. Should get your money back.
Thanks Darius.
Try the Jolida JD-100. You can get one used for around 600-700, it has a headphone jack, and you can add a headamp at any time with its two outputs. Buying one new, from the right source, isn't much more expensive.
I believe that the task you're talking about is unreasonable isnce you can get for your budget cheap $50 CD player + high quality headphone amp with headphones for that price and get a result you desire.
I second the still amazing JVC XL-Z1050 CDP which was their classic, early effort to showcase JVC's new ideas about playing back CD's. They also went on to revolutionize the art of making a better CD.
The Grado headphone line has a knack for sounding special even when plugged directly into the humble headphone jack.
The problem is getting someone to sell this unit since it can be easily upgraded using its digital coaxial output into any of the many fine outboard DAC's out there.
Just don't let on how little you paid for the JVC and no one will ever suspect.
Definitely the Eastern Electric Cd Player-it puts the tube in the headphone path. The Jolida does not.
Sony XA7ES
Sony XA7ES meets all those criteria and IMHO bests any player yet mentioned by far. Also has remote control of headphone volume which is a nice feature.

Jolida JD 100. With a tube change, a power cord upgrade and sitting on a good isolation system, I think this one is really hard to beat for the money. I love mine!
Eastern Electric minimax is just a great little player, with musicality out daass. Soundstage is wide and deep, high grade tubes definatly make improvements. Plus, Bill, the importer is a great guy to deal with.IMHO.
The Sony XA7ES mentioned above is what you want. As another said, buy it used and sell it if not happy.
Seeing the Sony XA7ES posts for the first time makes me admit I had forgotten it qualified for your budget when bought used, and is a beautiful sounding unit exuding class and solidity, sort of the Mercedes category among CD players. In this case you pay more and get more.
I third the Minimax. Used to own it, only sold it because I got two VERY nice separates (Eastsound CD-E5 player, and DIY Kevin Gilmore design Dynai headphone amp) to replace it; at over twice the price!

A tube swap to put NOS in there, and this player SINGS! And it drives almost any phone - I played Sennheiser 650's as well as Sony CD-3000's, two vastly different loads. Both sounded very musical.
Dred is correct about the Jolida. The headphones are run through an op amp, not through the tube circuit. It's still a really great CDP, but for the best quality sound you'd need to buy an external headphone amp.
Decisions, decisions...

Seems a bit unnecessary to buy a tube player (Jolida) if the tubes aren't used in the headphone output.

The Eastern Electric seems to be a little over $1,000 unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

Has anyone here used one of the pro CD recorders made by Marantz, HHB, Denon, etc.? They all seem to have headphone jacks. But I would imagine the emphasis on these machines would be in the recording, and not necessarily in the playback. Anyway, just another possibility to consider.
I thought the retail was still 900, but I see it listed now in the classifieds at 1099. With the Senn. 650's it replaced a 1500 cd player and a well regarded 1000 headphone amp. and you can roll tubes to your liking.
I am not connected to any sales-just excited about finding this player. also only 12 inches wide so my wife lets me keep it on a side table.
Touch base with Bill @ Morningstar, William7 I believe here on A'gon. He may be able to get you a demo model Minimax. He is a GREAT guy, a true gentleman!

But even if not, I think the Minimax is still well worth the $1100.
Call Bill, he will give you a great deal, and stand behind it.