Best CDP under $1000 for Roksan Caspian Amp?

Can anyone recommend a CD player that meshes well with a Roksan Caspian Integrated Amplifier?
I have a Roksan Caspian Integrated Amplifier running the HF on my Quad 12Ls and a Roksan Caspian Power Amplifier running the LF. Cables are QED SA Biwire and QED Silver Spiral interconnects. I enjoy classic rock, hendrix, acoustic guitar, blues, and 70's reggae.
All general comments or suggestions welcome.
I'm considering the Rotel RCD-1072 despite mixed reviews.
The Jolida 100 or the Rega Jupiter are good candidates under $1000. The Arcam FMJ CD23 is well worth the extra $200. I compared the above three and bought the Arcam.
the roksan kandy
I have the Rotel 1072 and like it very much. See the thread about whether the 1072 deserves product of the year from The Absolute Sound.
What Hi-Fi? just did a comparison of Caspian CDP with a host of others. Cyrus CD6 won the comparo.