Best CDP isolation device you use?

I was wondering what CDP isolation devices you have used and what worked best and why in your system. Any input on bang for the buck at various price points would also be helpful.

Neuance (badboy designation no longer used) platform. Hands down the best CDP tweek I've seen.


You may want to check out Stillpoints. These cones really work. For more info go to there website.

My best results were with Symposium Roller Blocks with Tungsten upgrade sitting on a two inch Maple butcher block shelf.

I also placed a slim line plastic box filled with lead shot on top, then swapped the power cord and interconnects for audiophile stuff. Each of these were a significant upgrade.
Symposium Rollerblocks (balls down) on Svelte shelf
5 LB bag of sand or lead shot on top; and vibrapods under.

While both work well, I find that whether sand or shot works better depends on the player.
Machina Dynamica Nimbus.
BDR (Black Diamond Racing) Mk. IV cones.
Aurios and Neuance shelf. Stillpoints work well also.
Sounds of Silence Vibraplane, none of the cones or pucks I've tried have even come close to the performance I get with the Vibraplane.
cheapest way, get from Chinese hard wooden chess. It is very cheap in Asia.

It gives you a more open soundstage, involving vocal and improvement in the mid and high.

The shortcoming is, bass will be slashed a bit.

I get it fairly cheap.......and find it very useful.
DH Cones and BDR cones I have found to make a cange in sound but never for the positive IMHO. The best bang fo rhe buck ise is Symposium Rollerblocks and or The Aurios versions. I have more experience with the Symposium products but I heard the Aurios stuff under my friends system and it made things sound much more cohesive but still more congested than my rollerblocks. The rollerblocks combined with a super plus or ultra shelf is the best I have heard to this date and I have expreimented with isolation products. The BDR cones are silly when compared to the Symposium products. Granted they are loads cheaper...
I have also heard excellent things about Walker Valid Points from ears I trust.
1/2" balls on top of 3 Aurios pros on top of Symposium ultra on a rack resting on more Aurios pros.
Resolution Audio Opus 21 sitting on 'large' DH cones (the smaller rubber feet on the cdp are junk). This sits on a Machina Dynamica Nimbus, which in turn, sits on a custom made Sound Anchor platform (w/spikes going through the carpet and a three-point contact on top).
I found the Clearaudio Magix to work very well. They are expensive, but when you consider they totally decouple the CDP via magnets from any floor/shelf born vibrations, it's probably worth it. You can also save money by not having to invest as heavily in specialty equipment racks or bases.
2nd on the nimbus. nothing else really compares
Good or bad I just installed a Sklan isolation platform under the titanium cones under my CDP and I'm blown away. The shelf was the best isolation device I have used or added so far. I have brass cones on most components with good results but this platform has added a dynamics to my system that I id not know I could get. My best tweak but then again every little bit helps. Usually.
I've tried BDR cones, Stillpoints and Feet of Silence under my DAC. The Feet of Silence made the most positive difference. The contrast with Stillpoints was instructive - using the Stillpoints the music lost its bloom, and sounded overdamped and constrained. The Feet of Silence let the music breathe mone freely. Frankly, the BDR cones made very little difference to the sound.

This is under an Audio Note DAC 4.1x Balanced, so I presume that the suspension provided by the Feet helped isolate the output tubes.
Greetings. After trying several DIY devices and tweaks, I end-up with a device I created and that basically is a "T" shape thing. I used 3/4" copper tubing (plumbing tubes) cut to size and attached with 4 "t" connectors. At the corners used 3 concave door knobs, filled the device with sand and put 3 ball bearings on top. It is like a Symposium Roller Blocks connected at each side. Maybe the bearings are what give the effect of clarifying everything and giving better soundstage. I also used a set of DIYUMAS ( my recipe) with good results but like it more the T-Bone Roller (as I named it).

Another tweak that drop my jaw, and Psychicanimal know it, was the effect of the "famous" tropical wood call ..MOCA...which the Psychic bring my home from a near place. Those suckers took whatever was affecting my system, call it vibration, moody things or else, and bring a clean sound to my system. The problem is that the wood is hard to find, needs a long cure time and it bends if not treated properly. BUT...what an experience by just seating it over or under the components.

Damp the inner parts of the lid too, it works.

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I agree with those above recommending the Neuance shelves as best. Mine were clearly superior to the Symposiums and various air or sand isolation bases. But I have never found any further foot helps. The Aurios, the Rollerblocks even with grade 3 ball, and the Valid Points added nothing and often hurt the sound.
Jahaira's tweaks are well though out and carefully tested. It is hard to visuallize what they are exactly unless one actually sees them or a picture--but I've witnessed them in action. He is right about Moca wood. It was the very first time both of us experimented with it and the results were absolutely STUNNING. I had a board made for Sean and he agrees that Moca is about as close as it gets to an ideal material. Even my 23 lb belt driven transport benefits from its properties.