'Best' CDP for under $1000 ? Upgrade to GCD-575

I've got a CJ SD22, and a Adcom GCD575, and am thinking about what I would get/hear for under $1000. There is a CA 840c local, for 800 (maybe) and I see a Mccormack UDP-1 also for about that $.
However, there are a LOT of brands out there, some I've never heard of.
I don't think I'd mind the 'black'/no noise of the 840c I read about...and I prefer the cdp to not color the music. I listen to a lot of stuff but prefer clarity above all.
What about cheap DVD player (I use $69 Sony) and Benchmark DAC1. It makes you independent from the transport (easy to change) and allows to connect computer. Benchmark DAC1 is very hard to beat in this price range. DVD players have great tracking.
I am unfamiliar with this method, do not know what -transport- only means...I do like the fact I can connect the Adcom directly to an amp. I also keep my TV separate from my 'real' 2 channel audio.
Check out the new cdp made by Teac. $999.
Stereomojo gave it's Maximum Mojo award to the Virtue Audio Piano M1.

You can also try an Emotiva ERC-1. It goes for approx $350 and has a 30 day trial period as well.

If you are familiar with Adcom why not try to score a used Adcom GCD-750. I've read that this player is excellent.

Happy hunting.

I use DVD's digital output connected to DAC. Dac can be connected do preamp (or integrated amp) or be preamp ff it has volume control (Benchmark DAC1 does). Basically it is high quality CDP in two packages.
I second the TEAC PD-H600. I have one and really like it. I was always a fan of non oversampling/upsampling until I heard this. No real coloration or editing of the sound and incredibly detailed w/o the digital glare. This one brought me back to a one box solution.
I have not seen a 750 4sale in a while...
There IS a Emotiva ERC1 4sale locally for 280.
I sort of cringe when I hear TEAC for some reason...
What do you think of what's 4 sale here on AG for under $1k ?
Don't fear the TEAC.



Agreed. Those guys at Esoteric waved their magic wand over
this CDP and came up with something really nice.
Well, I really like the 575's ability to go directly to an AMP, so I'm getting another. That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy a 840c (one sold recently between emails) or a TEAC, but just postpones things for a while...
Well, FYI, I bought an Nakamichi OMS7 and, WOW. What a diff...got them A/B'd on a 'low-end' Onkyo TX-890...I can't imagine how much better a CA 840c might sound...
Was the Nak OMS7 CDP a design of the 1 & only Nelson Pass as well? I believe Nakamichi used his designs for the PA7 & PA5 amplifiers. Maybe that is why it sounds so good even to this day?
Not sure...I do know there's one here 4 sale also...